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After spending nearly two years following quarantine rules, pet parents may have noticed hints of extra clinginess with your pawed — or feathered — friends. It’s not uncommon for them to follow you everywhere around the house, sleep in your bed or stare at you out of love. But now that we’re leaving the house for work, errands, vacation and other activities, separation anxiety may be kicking in. Songs may be the remedy they need.

Besides being left home alone, pets are often in other situations where relaxing sounds could help. They may have trouble coping with fireworks , riding in the car, thunderstorms, illness, trips to the vet or even grooming sessions. And some animals may just be a bit hyperactive at times.

While it’s fairly known that classical music can soothe a savage breast, it’s not the only soundtrack that works. A 2017 study conducted by the University of Glasgow and Scottish SPCA highlighted how kenneled dogs’ stress levels drop when they listen  to reggae or soft rock. Over the years, other studies have examined how music affects boredom, stress and emotional responses  in felines , dogs, pigs and other animals. Whether you have a pet puppy, cat, pig, parakeet or iguana, why not set them up with their own music streaming playlist? These apps will turn little Bella or Duke into relaxed — or party-ready — musical savants.

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Spotify’s {Pet|Dog|Family pet} Playlists {launched|released} in 2020, but {have you|perhaps you have|maybe you have|have you ever} taken advantage of this feature {yet|however}? The lists are curated based on your pet’s {personality|character} and your personal music {tastes|preferences}. Choose your animal {type|kind}, then share your pet’s name and Spotify {walks|strolls|moves} you through a series of {questions|queries} so its algorithm {can|may} tailor a custom {listening|hearing} experience with music pulled {from your own|from your} streaming habits.  

You can also stream {its|the} This is {Pets|Animals|Domestic pets|Household pets|House animals} Music playlist — which has 50 {tracks|songs|paths} — or press {play|perform|enjoy} on {Pets|Animals|Domestic pets|Household pets|House animals} Music Radio . {Each|Every} song is geared toward {helping|assisting} animals relax. Additionally , {there are|you will find|you can find} full albums devoted to {the|the particular} genre, and all you need to do {is|will be|is usually|is definitely|can be|is certainly} search for something like “puppy music” or “bird music” {under|below} albums and add them  to your library. Of course , {you can always|you are able to} handpick songs for your {pet|dog|family pet} according to their temperament, {needs|requirements} or species. We’re {not sure|unsure} if your pet snake {would|might|would certainly} appreciate Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, however.  

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YouTube {is home to|hosts|houses} millions of hours of free {content|content material|articles}, and when it comes to streaming {music|songs} for your cat or dog, there are plenty of {options|choices}. Tune in for a 24-hour livestream from a channel like Relax My {Dog|Canine} , which plays {music|songs} along with a video to help {your|your own} pup calm down — {or|or even} stay entertained. If you {prefer to|choose to|would rather} skip the livestream, {this|this particular} channel also features {soothing|calming|relaxing} music videos that run {anywhere from|between|any where from} eight to 15 {hours|hrs}, or you can choose one of its {themed|designed} playlists. And there’s {a sister|a sibling|a cousin} channel called Relax My Cat , not to be confused {with the|using the|with all the} uber-popular {video game|computer game|video gaming|gaming}, Stray .

You’ll also find other {YouTube|Youtube . com} pet music channels {such as|like|for example} PetTunes or Calm {Your|Your own} Cat, and a few that {cater to|focus on} rabbits, hamsters and even ferrets. But you can also go {the|the particular} classical music route {and|plus} play hours of {songs|tunes|tracks|music} from Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin or Bach. After you {dig|drill down|get} around YouTube to find {your|your own} selections, you can always create {special|unique|specific|exclusive|particular} playlists for your pets, {or|or even} stream music on your {TV|TELEVISION}, iPhone, iPad or {Android|Google android}.

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{Amazon|Amazon . com} Music {offers|provides} curated playlists with {music|songs} that eases your dog {or|or even} cat into a chill {state|condition}. You can check out the {Calming|Soothing|Relaxing|Comforting} Music for Dogs playlist, a nearly three-hour {session|program} that’s compiled by Amazon {staff|personnel|employees|staff members}. The company’s music division {prepared|ready} a seven-hour collection {titled|entitled} “Classical for Pets” {for its|because of its|for the} playlist lineup.

Outside of Amazon Music’s {own|personal|very own} roster, there are also songs, {albums|cds} and artists that {fall|drop} squarely into the pet {music|songs} category. Shape your own playlist. Comb through tunes {from|through} Pet Care Club {or|or even} Pet Music Academy {that|that will} feature bells, pianos {and|plus} sounds of nature {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for|to get|pertaining to|meant for|designed for|just for} pooches, kitties, birds {and more|and much more}. Or tap into white {noise|sound} or pink noise {if it|if this} works better for your dog or cat. {If you|In case you} search Amazon Music {by|simply by} typing in terms like “dog anxiety” or “pet {relaxation|rest}, ” an abundance of songs {and|plus} albums will pop up {for you to|that you should|so that you can|that you can} draw from for {a special|an unique|a specific|an exclusive|a particular} playlist. You can also take {a shortcut|a secret|a step-around} by using voice commands {with an|having an|by having an|with the} Alexa-enabled device like {Echo|Replicate} to tee up playlists for your pet.

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{Like|Such as} Spotify and Amazon {Music|Songs}, Apple Music has {full|complete} albums that you can add to {your|your own} playlists from artists {such|this kind of} as  Pet {Music|Songs} World {and|plus} Pet Therapy. Most of the pet-centric music on the service {is|will be|is usually|is definitely|can be|is certainly} geared toward either cats {or|or even} dogs, but if you want to {lean|slim|low fat|trim} toward genres like {classical|traditional}, ambient music, Hz frequency  or jazz, it’s {all|almost all|just about all|most|all of|many|most of|every|all of the} available on the platform.

Apple Music also has {white|white-colored|whitened} noise and animal reiki selections to choose from to help {your pet|your dog} feel blissed out. {Make|Create} your playlists stand {apart|aside} by naming them {after|right after} your furbaby or {according to|based on} your pet’s mood, {character|personality} or need (like sleep).

{Services such|Software program} as Tidal and {Pandora|The planet pandora} also allow you to create playlists or stream pet-themed {albums|cds} on repeat. They each {give you the|provide you with the} ability to collate music {based on|depending on} genre or artist, {with the|using the|with all the} latter enabling you to stream {a pet|an animal} relaxation radio station. {No matter where|Wherever} you stream, you could {certainly|definitely} play Beethoven or Beyoncé on a loop. But {puppy|pup|puppy dog} lullabies, jazz and {sounds|seems|noises} of nature like {falling|dropping} rain seem to be among the most {popular|well-known} types of playlist music {for our|for the} fur-bearing or feathered {family members|members of the family|loved ones}.  

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