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Dianne Medina already a mom obviously has not been laxed about keeping herself in shape,

it was apparent in her swimsuit posts on Instagram last October 11, 2022 that made a buzz online.

She was wearing a black swimsuit while enjoying some sun at a beach in Bohol.

In an interview last October 27, 2022, at the first-anniversary celebration of Jinkee Skin held at Hilton Hotel in Parañaque City, Dianne talked about self-love.


She told PEP. ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “Siyempre, alam mo naman, kailangan fit pa rin tayo, sexy pa rin tayo kahit mommy na tayo.

“And because that’s also one way of boosting my self-esteem. ”

And through her posts, Diane has been serving as an inspiration to her IG followers.


Dianne went on to thank Jinkee Pacquiao and her business partner Maricor Flores for embracing her as part of the Jinkee Skin family.

The 36-year-old actress-host said, “It’s really such an honor to be part of the Jinkee Skin family. And I’m so grateful that I get to be part of this milestone. ”

Dianne was launched as Jinkee Skin’s ambassador just a few weeks before the company celebrated its first anniversary.

She expressed what she appreciated the most about Jinkee’s business, “More than the good quality and affordable skincare products, what made me say yes to the brand is their advocacy.


“Their goal, their mission is to really help and empower Filipina women.

“And, you know, to give them lifetime access to quality and inexpensive products but also, as a partner, as a lifetime partner when it comes to their skincare journey. ”

Dianne added, “Ako, I’m a very practical mom when it comes to budgeting.

“I’m a frugal person so I wanna make sure that whatever I buy, let’s say for example , skincare products, I get the value of my money.

“You get the benefits of luxurious skincare products, all of the benefits but at a very, very affordable rate. ”

Most importantly, Dianne commended Jinkee and her company for opening business opportunities to moms like her, especially in these challenging times.

“They’re also offering a lot of job opportunities. Yun din naman talaga yung pinaka-objective, to reach out and help those Filipinos who wants to do business.

“Lalo na we’re still we’re still in the midst of the pandemic, ang hirap kumita ng pera.


“Kaya the’re here to actually offer insentive programs, which can actually kaya nila gawin. And they’re here to give free training as well. ”


In the meantime, t he celebrity mom admitted it’s been a struggle maintaining her figure.

With work and her family taking much of her time, Diane said she hasn’t been doing as much workouts as her husband Rodjun Cruz.

She revealed, “I don’t exercise much, yun yung problema.

“My husband is very athletic, Rodjun loves to work out, and even his brother Rayver [Cruz].

“They both love to work out. It’s just that I don’t have that much passion for exercising. Talagang tamad tayo sa part na yun. ”

The easy way for Dianne at the moment has been to limit her food intake and to drink detox coffee regularly.

She said, “I have been drinking Jinkee Glow detox coffee, where in it [are ingredients] will make you slim and you can lose weight in a healthy way.


“Isa yun sa tine-take ko because it has appetite suppressants, which curb… or it controls your cravings to food, sugar.

“Lalo na yung sugar! Iyan yung number one culprit. Ang hirap mag-diet basta may matamis. ”



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