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Do you have plans to take your cat or dog on a road trip this summer? Here are five tips for a safe and comfortable ride.

1 . Wear your pet out
Before you embark on your road trip, take your pet for a walk or engage in a long play session. This can help make your pet feel more rested and hopefully sleep for a portion of the trip.

2 . Create a comfortable space
Purchase a pet hammock and harness to keep your pet safe and save your car’s upholstery from fur and claw marks. Alternatively, you can keep your furry friend in an enclosed crate if they’re likely to move around and become a distraction while you’re driving.

3. Pack the essentials
Always travel with your pet’s necessities, including food, water, treats, and bags for pet waste. You should also bring a few toys to keep your dog busy and prevent them from chewing on your car’s seat belts or headrests.

4. Take frequent breaks
Like you, your pet needs to take breaks after being cooped up in the car for hours. Consequently, it’s a good idea to stop every two hours to play with your pet and allow it to relieve itself.

5. Never leave your pet alone in the car
A parked vehicle can quickly turn into a hot oven during the summer, even with the particular windows open. On top of risking heatstroke, leaving your pet alone in your vehicle also makes it vulnerable to theft.

Lastly, ask your veterinarian about remedies you can give your pet to prevent nausea plus motion sickness while you’re on the road.

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