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Located between Portimão and Lagos on the road to the Bravura dam in Odiaxere , Herdade Bonanza offers your pet the greatest experience in terms of facilities and services.  

Open since July 2022 the Herdade Bonanza has a pet hotel, day care centre with indoor pool and training facilities. This 4-acre property has everything and every commodity your pet friend might need, with the highest standards in quality plus service.

Are we the best Pet Hotel in Algarve? Try, the best Pet Hotel in the whole country instead!

The Herdade Bonanza hotel has a total of 43 suites, all the suites are one of a kind with distinctive design features with a huge private space for any of our guests. The suites feature thermic and sound isolation enabling the best comfort for any animal that stays with us, both in the summer and in the winter. Orthopaedic beds are available (check availability). We offer grooming solutions, socialisation with other pet friends and training programs are also available while your friend is staying in the resort. This is the ultimate pet hotel in the Algarve.

We also offer an one-of-a-kind pet day-care service, and your pets will love it! The Herdade has a weekday dog day-care service. Open from 8: 30 a. m. to 7: 00 p. m., we are here to welcome your dog so they can have a wonderful day with us. You will see that your dog will be much more social and happier at the end of the day. This multiple area facility offers both, indoor and outdoor spaces allowing for a varied and entertaining day within the Herdade . A team of workers and trainers will permanently supervise the day-care guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for every pet friend. The day care may also include indoor pool activities allowing your friend to have fun in the water. At the end of the day, you can also schedule to have your pet friend groomed.

This place is full associated with surprises… Did you know that you can also train your dog here? Our highly skilled team has received prizes in national and international championships and are here for you! That is right from basic training to advance training skills, or just to train your dog to be more social with other dogs and/or people. The Herdade Bonanza training centre can offer you both group and one to one lessons . Our trainers will meet you and together we can plan to achieve your goals.

We are sure this will be your pet’s favourite place!

Visit us at: Estrada da Barragem , Sitio da Moira, 491F, Odiaxere Lagos,

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Instagram: @ herdade. bonanza

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