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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – With concerns of canine influenza or dog flu on the rise, some veterinarians are reminding pet parents of the signs and symptoms.

Veterinarian Dr . Bill Van Hooser says VCA Carriage Hills Animal Hospital shut down its boarding until further notice due to the uptick in cases.

”We’ve had an outbreak and it’s extremely contagious, ” Van Hooser. “We had two dogs die last week with the flu. ”

Van Hooser says it is important for pet owners to be aware of symptoms like coughing and lethargy. He says getting your dog vaccinated can be an added layer of protection.

“What we have seen is that the vaccinated dogs may still get the flu, but it tends to be much less serious. We’ve had no dogs so far that have been vaccinated that have died from the illness, ” said Van Hooser.

Van Hooser says while the virus is airborne, it can be on surfaces for up to about 24 hours.

Jeff Gold Owner of Camp Bow Wow in Montgomery says they’ve been in contact with multiple veterinarians in the city.

‘We have some really good vets in this town. And everybody kind of came together and communicated to ensure that all the facilities were going through proper protocols. ” said Gold. “We immediately made sure that we sent out an email to all our clients and put signs up. ”

Camp Bow Wow provides daycare, boarding, grooming and training services for man’s best friend. In August, concerns about canine influenza forced them to make some changes.

”It slowed things down a lot. Our daycare was closed for a weekend. We turned people away that were going on vacation if their dog came in hacking or coughing, ” said Gold.

He says while things are getting back to normal now they are taking all precautions to ensure their clients remain safe and healthy.

“We are still doing all protocols cleaning every inch of this place several times a day. So we are usually we’re being extra cautious, ” said Gold.

If you notice coughing or even difficulty breathing in your dog, Van Hooser says to contact your local vet immediately.

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