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Tracy Moore gave fans a backstage look into her day as a TV host. (Photo via Instagram/thetracymoore)

Tracy Moore gave fans a backstage look into her day as a TV host. (Photo via Instagram/thetracymoore)

Tracy Moore is going behind the scenes.

On Tuesday, the “Cityline” host took to Instagram to share a video of “a day in the life of a TV host” with her 150, 000 followers, which followed her on Monday, Oct. 31.

In the clip , the mother-of-two began by waking up at 4: 45 a. m. for a morning sweat session.

After she was “done her workout, ” she “[got] ready for work. ” Once she arrived at the particular studio, Moore filmed herself sitting in a chair getting her hair and makeup done for a “special Halloween show. ”

The fitness aficionado chatted with her stylists as they gave her thick eyebrows, a dark smoky eye and pitch-black lipstick as part of her Bride of Frankenstein costume. To complete her look, Moore added a short and curly black and white wig.

After her glam was done, the 47-year-old sipped on a steaming mug and said : “Brides of Frankenstein need coffee too, you know. ”

Later in the video, Moore walked around the “Cityline” set taking direction from her colleagues and production assistants about the show’s script.

Once rehearsals were over (including practicing a spooky yet fun dance along with her special guests), it was “time to get mic’ed up, ” which she did in the bathroom.

After the show was more than, Moore took off her make-up with “dollar store wipes, ” which she said were “not it. inch

At the end of the video, the lifestyle mogul filmed their self sitting in a taxi “going home to [her] other job… mom. ”

In the caption , the TV host gave a summary of her day, which she revealed is less glamorous than one may think.

“I documented my life behind-the-scenes for a day. Mostly work stuff. I love for you to see how little glamour exists in the world of daytime TV, inches she explained . “I mic upward in the bathroom. My ‘car service’ is the local cab company. And every, single person on the ‘Cityline’ team pulls their own weight. ”

Moore further shared that there’s only one thing she’d change about her job — the food.

“It keeps us honest and ridiculously giddy. Wouldn’t change a thing. Actually scratch that. I would love craft services with a selection of chocolate snacks plus mochas to sip upon. Can someone arrange that please? ” she joked .

In the comments, fans thanked Moore for always “keeping it real. ”

“What a fun [behind-the-scenes]! Thanks for sharing, ” commented a follower with a red heart emoji.

“So many hats worn! ” shared someone else.

“This is so great and so accurate, ” wrote a fan.

“Thanks for keeping it real, sis! inch added another.

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