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For Pinoys, pets are important members of the family. They have a special place in your hearts — and in your own budgets. Every pet owner spends a good amount of money to keep their precious alaga safe, happy, and healthy. But what is it exactly that Pinoys spend the most on? Saan napupunta ang budget ?

Pet food brand Royal Canin  commissioned a survey — with over 6, 400 respondents — in the Summit Media digital lifestyle network to find out exactly that. Aside from learning some interesting facts (for example, 57% of pet owners surveyed were dog parents), the results also  revealed the item Pinoy pet owners were most likely to spend: pet food.

Pet food as a love language

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Food is a love language for Pinoys, so it makes sense that  they show  their own love for their dogs and cats in this way, too. It’s also connected to the second most likely expense in the survey: health and nutrition. Pet owners want their pets to be healthy, so it’s natural to spend on vitamins and supplements that their fur babies need.

Eating right is a big part of that  as well. In fact , nutritional value was the highest-ranked answer when respondents were asked what their priorities were in choosing pet food.   If this is also a top priority for you, do check out the pet food products by Royal Canin.  

Royal Canin   has over 50 years of experience in pet health nutrition. It formulates its pet food with the concept of “ tailored nutrition ” in mind  as the brand understands that different pets have different nutritional needs based on their particular size, age, breed, plus health situation.

To help you make sure your pet gets the right kind of diet, Royal Canin offers a range of food tailored for different kinds of dogs and cats. Aside from breed-specific pet food for Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, Persians, British Shorthairs, and more, the brand also makes veterinarian-approved meals for pets with  certain health issues.

Pinoys prioritize pets’ health

Back  to the survey, dog treats were the third-ranked expense, followed by vet visits. Grooming services and products took fifth and sixth place, respectively, while toys came in seventh. Accessories and clothing had been the lowest-ranked priorities, suggesting that Pinoys prioritize helping their pets stay healthy over dressing well.

With Pinoy pet owners focusing on their pets’ diet, nutrition, and health care services, it’s natural to have less room in the budget for other things their pets need. The  Royal Canin Club app   is here to fill that gap. The app has a points-on-purchase program that helps subscribers claim free rewards as they purchase tailored nutrition for their pets.  

It’s super easy to collect points: Look for and peel off the  Royal Canin Club sticker on any bag of 1-kg Royal Canin dry food that you’ve purchased. Then, scan the QR code and product bar program code with the app’s scanner.  

The  factors you collect can be exchanged for pet care products like  grooming kits, foods bowls, toys, and leashes; home items like canvas tote bags and fleece blankets;   vouchers and e-gift certificates; and even more Royal Canin pet food.

When it comes to spending on their pets, it’s clear that Pinoys prioritize good food and nutrition. If you want to feed your alaga a diet that will matches their unique nutritional needs, give Royal Canin’s line of tailored nutrition pet food a try.

Learn more about Royal Canin’s family pet food with tailored nourishment here. Download the Royal Canin Club app on the App Store and the Google Play Store . For updates, follow Regal Canin on Facebook .

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