Study finds that dogs in New York are the most spoiled across the country – Time Out


We might be one of the most romantic cities in the United States , but we also happen to spoil our  dogs a bit  too  much—at least according to a new survey  by pet insurance experts at Forbes Advisor.

According to the report , New York is the state with most ruined dogs.   In fact , 40% of respondents revealed that they have spent more money on their furry friends than they have on a significant other. A whopping 55% of New Yorkers also said that they throw more cash out at their  pet’s health and grooming services than their own.  

There’s more, though: 42% of those queried admitted to throwing regular birthday parties for their dogs, 25% of them have pushed them in strollers at least once and a pretty staggering 59% of New York respondents has gone public about buying their animals outfits and accessories.  

As interesting as that data sounds, it certainly doesn’t seem to be at odds with pet-owning behavior. There was, however , one piece of information revealed by the study that has got us a bit confused:   folks in New York are some of the likeliest to regularly prepare homemade dog food. That’s… odd?

Rounding out the top five list of states where people ruin their dogs the most are California, Washington, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We have to be honest about this 1: we’re sort of proud to have topped the list. After all, pets are our friends and they live right next to us—don’t they deserve to enjoy New York in all of its glory, just as we do?

If all this talk about treating dogs right has got you itching to deliver a special treat to your furry love, you might perhaps want to consult our list of best dog-friendly restaurants across town, each one ideal for a paw-rfect (see what we did there? ) meal.  

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