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REED CITY — After almost a decade living in Tennessee, dog groomer Bobbi Borrink has returned to Reed City and hopes to provide the community with her grooming services.

In 2004, Borrink’s son had spinal surgeries, and at the time she was working at Citizens Bank as a financial consultant.

“I had a certain time I had to go back or I’d be terminated, so I had to find a different career path, ” Borrink said. “I love dogs, so I decided to get into grooming. ”

“I went to grooming school at Paragon Pet Grooming School in Jenison, Michigan, I got my certificates then I went to advanced training there also after I graduated, for standard poodle show trims, ” she continued.

Borrink opened Shaggy Dogs Grooming Salon inside 2005, and sold it in 2013 when the girl moved to Tennessee.  

“When I had sold it we were doing 26-32 dogs every day, we had about six employees. It was crazy busy. I moved back this past winter because my family’s all here, ” Borrink said.

Borrink was able to  get her original building back, as well as several of her old clients.  

“The customers I used to have are hearing I’m back, and I actually have some of the old dogs back. I probably have like a dozen of my old customers already, ” she said.

One of Bobby's client's dogs, Big Boy. Bobbi Borrink's pet grooming service Shaggy Dogs has returned to the Reed City area.

One of Bobby’s client’s dogs, Big Boy.

Bobbi Borrink’s pet tidying service Shaggy Dogs has returned to the Reed City area.

Courtesy of Bobbi Borrink

She’s glad to be back in Michigan due to the fact her family is here and she also has connections with local groomers, who she trusts to refer her clients to, and vice versa.

“They can trust me with their animals, I’ve been professionally schooled, been doing this for 17 years, I love what I do, I’m very flexible with my schedule, ” the lady said. “I do all sizes, I do big dogs, little dogs, I do cats also. ”

She’s familiar with all breeds, and also grooms cats, and also walk-in nail trims.  

Borrink’s favorite thing about her job is getting to work with dogs and gain their trust.

“When a dog comes in and they’re scared, and they’ve never been to a groomer, or had a bad experience, I enjoy working with them and getting them to trust you, ” she said. “It’s the greatest feeling in the world to get them to trust you because all a dog wants is love, some people forget that when they start grooming. They forget that passion that they had. ”

Since posting her ad on various Facebook groups, Borrink has already garnered a large client base.  

“I posted my ad and I got around 20 dogs in four hours, ” Borrink said. “I posted the ad again last night plus my phone’s been going crazy again. ”

“They can trust me with their creatures, I’ve been professionally trained, been doing this for seventeen years, I love what I carry out, I’m very flexible along with my schedule, ” Borrink said, wanting to let people know she can work with their schedules.


  • Shaggy Dogs Grooming Salon is located at 20219 U. S. 10, Reed City, Michigan.
  • Phone number for the salon is 231-679-8161

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