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Saline’s new pet grooming spot brings one-on-one attention to your fur family

SALINE, MI — Dogs and cats in Saline will soon have a new place to get haircuts, nail trimmings and more.

Although Cali’s Pet Grooming has already started booking appointments, it will have its grand opening on Thursday, Dec. 1 . The business at 537 E. Michigan Ave. is located in the Saline Shopping Center and joins a few other pet groomers within the city.

Co-owners Nicole Dalrymple and Neil Termine are hoping to bring convenience and fulfill “a great need” for Saline pet owners.

“It makes me feel so good to be able to be contributing to the betterment of the community… (so) customers don’t have to travel to Dexter, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti or Milan (for pet grooming services), ” Termine said. “They can keep everything local. ”

Some of Cali’s services for dogs include spa treatments like special and medicated shampooing, de-matting, blueberry facials and more. The company will also do grooming for cats and nail trimmings for rabbits as well.

Dalrymple is a self-taught pet groomer from California with over 25 years of experience. With her time in California, she said she brings different techniques and styles to pet grooming.

“(I bring) a slightly different shape, ” she said, “and the clients are liking certain face haircuts that I’m doing because it’s an LA way of training myself. ”

Cali's Pet Grooming

Cali’s Pet Grooming at 537 E. Michigan Ave. in Saline.

Not only that, but Termine said Dalrymple also takes time to educate clients about maintaining their animal’s fur. Dalrymple said educating others just comes “naturally” as she speaks with customers.

“She likes to show the customers when they bring their fur family members in, ” Termine said. “She spends extra time with the clients teaching them… to help decrease the matting and other things that normally occur for dogs between haircuts. ”

Dalrymple is hoping to provide a few new services to the area including hair dye, nail painting and grooming with regard to senior dogs struggling with underlying health issues. Not only that, but the business will operate by combing one dog at a time, the girl said, which is very different from other businesses that use an assembly line when grooming.

“We try and keep the energy low in here, and a lot of the shops have multiple dogs come in all at once and its a barking fest and it is stressful, ” she said. “We give (the animals that we are grooming) 100% attention. ”

While Dalrymple has the skills, Termine said he will be working from a management standpoint which is the “perfect combination” for Cali’s.

Termine’s prior experience traveling the world while serving in the Navy has always made him want to establish himself in a place that he can call home. With the creation of Cali’s, he stated him and Dalrymple are able to do just that.

The couple is planning to give discounts to veterans along with law enforcement, fire fighters and senior citizens. Termine added that he wants to work with veteran service dogs as well in the future, plus bring pet grooming services to those who need it.

Cali’s Pet Grooming will be open from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Monday through Friday. Find Cali’s Pet Grooming on its website , social media or by phone at 734-834-1453.

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