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My rescue kitten Shark recently fell ill with a respiratory infection as well as a stomach problem, and after doing my best to treat him at home for five days, I decided to go to Al-Hamra Pet Care Clinic on Al-Salam Street, near the Al-Hamra Sofitel Hotel in Al-Hamra district in Jeddah.

I was impressed by the clinic’s veterinarians, who treated Shark gently and with care.

The vet made sure my kitten was calm and relaxed before administering the required injections. I was then given clear instructions on how to take care of my pet in your own home while following up with medical appointments.

After witnessing the vet’s thorough approach, I am confident Shark will make a full recovery.

The clinic is one of the oldest veterinary hospitals in Jeddah and was founded by Ahmad Al-Shibini in 1984. Since then it has undergone a number of medical and construction upgrades, most recently in 2013.

Supervisor Walid Al-Shibiny keeps up to date with the latest systems to ensure pets receive the highest quality medical treatment.

Services include a full medical examination, veterinary surgery, immunization programs, preventive programs, dental care, radiology and ultrasound.

The clinic also has a veterinary laboratory and pet hotel, and offers feeding tips, as well as cleaning and grooming services.

For more details, visit their Instagram @alhamrapetcare or website alhamravet. com

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