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Ray White has today announced Concierge, an unique service
which helps customers purchase their home and contents
insurance, book a tradesperson and buy discounted art, will
launch in New Zealand this October.

Concierge is Ray
White’s dedicated customer communication business unlike
any other in the property industry and is launching in
partnership with Kiwi insurer, Tower.

The service will
enable a seamless insurance experience for Ray White
customers, giving them access to Tower’s leading MyTower
platform, where customers can update, claim on and manage
their insurance quickly online.

Beam White Concierge
CEO Kelly Tatlow said the business had been growing and
innovating with regard to 16 years in Australia in response to changing
customer expectations, marketplace changes and the group’s
passion for innovation.

“No other real estate group
has been able to achieve the scale and the depth of services
designed and delivered internally that Concierge enables, ”
she says.

“Given the current market, now is the
perfect time to launch Ray White’s insurance and moving
solutions to New Zealand buyers as well as to tenants,
investors and sellers moving into another

“We want to make sure that our customers
have a seamless house experience, from when they purchase
a property to when they move in.

“We can take their
stress out of moving. We want to make sure our clients
have easy access to the best insurance to cover their most
important asset – their home or investment

“We are very excited to partner with Tower
Insurance as we both share the same values and
customer-centric partnership approach and our own collaboration
is designed to provide an outstanding customer service
experience, ” Ms Tatlow said.

Ray White Chief
Economist Nerida Conisbee said Kiwi buyers have a lot of
choice right now.

“Our data shows us the number of
properties on the market is more than 90 per cent higher
compared to this time last year.

“So, not only is there
more choice for buyers but in some areas, housing has also
become more affordable. The median sale price for New
Zealand has eased 14 per cent since the peak in November
2021 and is now back to where it was a year ago. It is
getting easier for people to get into the market, ” Ms
Conisbee said.

Ray White customers who
sign up with Tower will also have access to exclusive and
significant discounts at major retailers, including
Bunnings, Noel Leeming and Torpedo7.

Tower MD
Partnerships Jonathan Beale said the partnership with Ray
White Concierge was another way to deliver beautifully
simple and rewarding experiences for Kiwis.

making it even easier for people to insure their home during
this process plus make sure they have the right insurance coverage for
their needs, ” he said.

“The partnership between
Tower system and Ray White will keep things as simple as possible
for customers, so they can get into their new home
smoothly. ”

“We want to make sure our customers
have easy access to the best insurance to cover their most
important asset – their home or investment property, ” Ms
Tatlow said.

“We are very excited to partner with
Tower system Insurance as we both discuss the same values and
customer-centric partnership approach and the collaboration
is designed to provide an exceptional customer service
experience, ” she said.

Beam White customers will also
receive assistance with organising tradespeople, and will be
offered discounts on furniture and homeware, solar
solutions, art vouchers and a range of pet services such as
pet sitting, boarding and grooming.

Investors will certainly
also benefit with landlords insurance assistance and help
regarding tax depreciation from a property depreciation

Within 24 hours associated with signing a property contract
along with Ray White, customers will be invited to access
Concierge services either online or over the phone with
their team of internal Concierge experts with the express
purpose of delighting their customers, reducing their stress
and providing a seamless service during their settlement
period and as they move into their property. Assistant plans
to continue the expansion of its range of service offerings
to Ray White customers in New

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