RAB: Radio Advertisers Are Wise To Cuddle Up To Pet Owners. – Inside Radio


The pet category continues to grow as more Americans invest in new furry friends or continue to spoil those already in their homes. According to Forbes, 78% of pet owners acquired their pets during the pandemic. This, combined with stay-at-home orders, had Americans spoiling their pets over the past two years and that trend looks to continue.

Before 2020, the percentage of pet owners in the U. S. was around 17%. That number rose to approximately 23% as of April 2022. Per Forbes, Gen Xers are mostly sticking to dogs and cats, while younger consumers (18-25) have been showing interest in more exotic pets, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, rabbits, fish, or turtles.

Regardless of the type of pets they own, in 2021 the particular American Pet Products Association says Gen Z accounted for 14% of pet owners; Millennials (32%); Gen X (24%); Baby Boomer (27%).

An APPA industry report also said $123. 6 billion was spent on pets within the U. S. in 2021. Of this spending, the top categories were pet food and treats ($50 billion), veterinary care and products ($34. 3 billion), pet supplies and OTC medicine ($28. 8 billion), boarding, grooming, insurance, training, pet sitting/kenneling plus walking (considered ‘other services, ’ $9. 5 billion).

“Radio is the perfect way to reach customers interested in taking care of their pets, ” Victor Texcucano, Content Coordinator, RAB writes in a blog post . “Whether it is veterinarians, dog groomers, or even pet supply stores, radio reaches these consumers. ”

According to the 2022 MRI-Simmons Spring Doublebase, radio reaches 87% of consumers who consider it a hobby to take care of their pets, as well as 86% who agree that pets deserve to be pampered. Of those who want to pamper their own pets, the age groups that will agree the most are 25-34 (18%), 55-64 (17%), and 65+ (22%).

The RAB suggests that businesses that want to cater to pet owners use phrasing that addresses “pampering” to help drive sales and reach new customers.

The trade organization notes that radio furthermore reaches 88% of consumers who spent over $100 on veterinary services in the last 12 months. Additionally , 87% spent just as much on pet food. Eighty-nine percent of pet “parents” who have a pet insurance policy in place also regularly tune in to the radio, as do 88% who have paid for other pet solutions, such as daycare, boarding/kennel, grooming, or training.

“Countless businesses cater to owners everywhere, ” Texcucano continues. “Whether they’ve had their particular furry (or scaley) friends for years or they are new to pet ownership, radio is there to let consumers know of businesses who are ready to help their friends now. ”

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