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Private Pile’s is a family of dog lovers that started in 2017, offering their services to the local community. Over time, they found a high-demand niche and expanded the services to commercial areas and special locations.

Thunder, OK (PRUnderground) September 9th, 2022

Private Pile’s  is a reliable company that provides the best pet waste management in Oklahoma City, OK. They opened their doors in 2017 when they discovered the particular interesting needs of the group. They realized that many people don’t have the time to clean up their pet’s waste or are physically unable to do so due to medical or physical limitations.

The company started only providing its services to just a few people. Over time they discovered that there was a high-demand sector for these services. So they decided to expand their services to include commercial areas and special occasions.

As a family of dog lovers, they know the importance of keeping a clean and safe environment for our furry friends. These people state they can handle the waste, so you don’t have to. They pride themselves on being professional and efficient.

They provide outstanding services with a thorough eye and attention to detail to ensure their customers are happy with the results. The company also sanitizes every piece of equipment they use between visits. This way, they guarantee the safety and health of their customers, their pets, and family.

Private Pile’s provides three types of pet waste management: residential, commercial, and special event services. Their clients do not have to stress about going over their budget since each service is offered at reasonable rates.

Their residential dog poop scooping services entail pet waste materials removal from the yard. Their own technicians go into their client’s house, locate all the places containing waste, and dispose of it, so the customer doesn’t have to do it.

They also offer commercial dog poop scooping services for community locations, HOAs, apartment complexes, dog grooming salons, veterinarian offices, and public parks. The company also services pet waste stations for the community to enjoy activities with their pets and have a way to keep all clean after them.

With their special event services, they strive to provide the option of getting a home ready for any special occasion or event, such as birthday parties, weddings or receptions, etc . They also offer this service as a good way to sell the home.

Pet waste materials removal can help customers to get their homes ready and more attractive to potential buyers. Their special events services are an one-time dog waste cleanup fee so that you can get a special pricing quote for it.

As a benefit of working with them, you can reach out to them immediately if you’re dissatisfied with their work. They’ll return to your property the same or the next day and scour the property again to ensure thorough cleaning, completely free.

If you’re interested in getting more information, contacting them, or reviewing their rates, you can visit their website at

Contact name: DJ Reich

Email: donald. r. [email protected] com

About Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management

Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management is a specialty support cleaning up dog waste from residential and commercial properties. We provide our services with a thorough eye and attention to detail to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction.

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