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The Internet is literally for everyone. But one can not go wrong with dog videos and our favourite Pokemons. After all, both of these are timeless. So , just imagine the internet combining these two. It has to be a massive hit.  

Pet groomer transforms poodle into Pokemon

Now, a pet groomer who is also very active on social media  transformed his dog into a real-life Pokémon Arcanine. This groomer gave the puppy its first haircut, and while he was at it, he decided to give her a dye job as well.  

He also made a video of the entire recreation and it totally made the fans happy. In the video, the particular groomer finds a Pokeball after this he shows his poodle transforming into the animated character, fashioning a bright orange coat and black stripes.

People were blown away with the creativity

People on the internet were left amused by Feitosa’s impressive skills, as one user wrote: “Omg I’m literally going to do this as soon as I learn to. ” Another said: “Bro I feel like you’re making dreams come true giving the world real-life Pokémon got to catch them all. ” 

A third person said: “Do you do other people’s dogs ?? ” While another person wrote: “HAHAHAA YES FIRESTONE. but also incredible. ”

There are other several videos of this cute dog named Edea, who got to show off her new style when she took a trip to the park. She made lots of new friends, both animals and people, and the crowds seemed to love her look. Many people came over to pet the out-of-the-box looking dog .

Feitosa is extremely creative with his grooming techniques and this is not the first time he has groomed a dog to look extremely vibrant. According to his website,   not only does he offer standard grooming services, but he also provides custom creative design-made looks for dogs. So turning their pooch into a fire-type Pokémon is just a regular Tuesday for the artist, who’s often referred to as the ‘world’s best dog groomer’.

He previously shared one of his other “Pokémon” creations, when this individual transformed a Pomeranian into a Pikachu.  

However , no matter how cute this looks, one should note that some dogs can be sensitive to dyes. So , anyone thinking about giving a furry friend the “Pokémon” treatment should consult their vet first.  

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