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Petsfolio is making a difference in animal welfare and the Indian community by hiring women to be dog trainers.

Hyderabad, India , Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Petsfolio is a unique company that offers various services for pets, including dog walking, dog training, dog grooming, and daycare. What makes Petsfolio unique is the focus on helping women trainers achieve success in their careers.

Pet Industry is growing rapidly and it is expected to be growing with the highest anticipated CAGR of 32.11% in the forecasted period. This gives a lot of employment opportunities in the pet care industry, and more women can choose their careers in the pet industry. Petsfolio, as one of the best India’s pet services companies, encourages women by giving free training and employing dog trainers and groomers. To this date, Petsfolio has seriously empowered women by training over 50 women and providing employment as dog trainers, dog groomers, and dog walkers across the nation.

Petsfolio empower women in India

Petsfolio empower women in India

Why Choose Petsfolio?

Petsfolio is a group of specialists who will care for your beloved pet with care. Their dog trainers have received extensive dog training, dog grooming, and other relevant courses as needed. Recently, they made an effort to give women more confidence while training dogs, providing evidence to the community that females can make a difference.

What Does Petsfolio do?

As one of India’s best pet service companies, Petsfolio offers various services:

Dog Walking. Your dog needs to exercise and play, but most owners don’t have the time or energy. Petsfolio dog walkers can come twice a day, so your dog gets all the attention and love they need.

Dog Training. The company’s trainers will help you understand your dog better and help develop their instincts to make them obedient dogs that you can bring anywhere.

Dog Grooming. Your dog’s well-groomed appearance will make your pet stand out from other dogs in the neighborhood. Petsfolio’s provide all types of grooming services, from dog baths to dog shaves.

Dog Kennel Service. Pet hotel service is ideal for dog owners with busy schedules who need a dog boarding facility they can trust to take care of their furry family members while they are away. Petsfolio’s dog boarding facilities provide a safe environment and in-house dog walking services, so your dog is not lonely or bored in your absence.

Dog Food Delivery. Petsfolio also offers dog food delivery for those who want to ensure their dog is eating the best food possible. The company claimed to have a variety of dog foods to choose from, including wet dog food and dry dog food, and holistic and organic dog food from different brands.

Petsfolio dog training service in India

Petsfolio dog training service in India

Where To Find PetsFolio?

Petsfolio is widely spread all over India from South to North. Their branches are in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vizag, Vijayawada, Pune, Goa, and Delhi. “We try to make ourselves accessible for pet lovers by covering all major cities in India. All offices are under the same management, offer the same price, and have the same service quality. We strive ourselves as being the pet dog lovers’ best friends.”, said Shiva Kumar, Petsfolio founder.

” Being a dog owner myself, I have experienced what it feels like living alone with my dog. When you are dog owners yourself, you know how hard it is to leave your dog home by itself while you go to work or something else. However, we all want our dogs pampered and let them experience the love they deserve. I would recommend Petsfolio dog hotel services to dog owners who are away from their pet dog for a while.”, Shiva continued.

” Living in Mumbai, dog grooming isn’t really affordable here because it’s so expensive. But, the dog groomers at Petsfolio did an amazing job on my dog that looked even better after dog grooming. I used to go to dog grooming salons in the mall and paid a lot of money without getting anything back in return.” said dog owner Nishin Kumar.

About Petsfolio

Petsfolio is one of India’s best pet services that is committed to bringing a better life for society. Their website provides different dog services and trusted tips about handling dogs, from training, grooming, dog walking, handling puppies, and stubborn dogs, to name a few. Petsfolio also actively participated in creating a better world by their “Feed The Dogs: Water Campaign” program in 2020. The program aims to educate society to help those who help us when we need them by providing a clean water bowl at one of Hyderabad’s dog parks. Recently, they made a viral move by empowering women as dog trainers, showing society that women are equals.

For more information about Petsfolio and their services, check on or dial +91 799 788 7788 to book a schedule. Also check their social media profiles below:

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