PETITUDO’s shampoos are made from innovative all-natural formulations, complete with sustainable packaging

Its new Go Natural, Go Green initiative recycles bottles for refill to further reduce waste

SINGAPORE , July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To do its part to contribute to the circular economy and a sustainable future, PETITUDO kickstarts the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, PETITUDOCares, with the Go Natural , Go Green initiative.

NATURAL GO-GO pet products are made from innovative all-natural formulations power-packed with nourishing ingredients
NATURAL GO-GO pet products are made from innovative all-natural formulations power-packed with nourishing ingredients

The pet wellness brand plans to reuse bottles of its NATURAL GO-GO Shampoo (Dog) (For sensitive skin) to reduce the impact of waste generated. While PETITUDO has already adopted the use of recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for the shampoo packaging, it aims to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Through Go Natural, Live green , PETITUDO will extend the lifespan from the 250ml shampoo bottles. Used bottles will be cleaned thoroughly and sterilised in an UV steriliser prior to refilling. Refilled bottles released for sale will have a sticker label to indicate their renewed status.

PETITUDO will retail the refilled NATURAL GO-GO Shampoo (Dog) (For sensitive skin)  at a discounted price of SGD20. 90 (U. P. SGD27. 90 ). This way, pet owners can help save the earth and save money at the same time!

Go natural – 100% all-natural pet products

PETITUDO’s range of NATURAL GO-GO dog products are made from innovative all-natural formulations power-packed with nourishing ingredients such as superfoods, fruits and flowers.

Its philosophy was founded on the belief that a natural lifestyle contributes to longer and healthier lives for furkids.

The existing range consists of NATURAL GO-GO Shampoo (Dog) (For normal skin); NATURAL GO-GO Shampoo (Dog) (For sensitive skin); NATURAL GO-GO Superfood Scrub; NATURAL GO-GO Clay Mask; NATURAL GO-GO Shampoo (Cat) (For all skin types); NATURAL GO-GO Hydrating Rinse-Free Pet Spray (For all pets).

By using organic pet products free of toxic chemicals and synthetic components, furkids get to enjoy better health in the long term without the fear of toxic residues on their fur and skin.

Sharon Low , co-founder of PETITUDO, said: “The first initiative Go Natural, Go Green of our CSR programme, PETITUDOCares, is an extension of our philosophy associated with advocating an all-natural lifestyle for the long-term well-being of furkids. We believe besides going natural, we need to do our part for the environment and make sure that we also go green, and be mindful to lessen, reuse and refill wherever possible – to build a better bottle of pet shampoo. ”


Established in 2011, PETITUDO offers high quality pet styling services for dogs, cats and small animals, as well as premium spa treatment for pets. Advocating an all-natural lifestyle for long term well-being, it functions as an one-stop pet wellness centre for furkids, providing 100% natural premium grooming services and products, as well as affordable nutritious fresh family pet food and supplements, all under one roof. PETITUDO furthermore collaborates with both online and offline retailers and works with distribution partners in Australia plus Taiwan .

For more information, check out and follow our Facebook and Instagram @petitudo and @petitudo. sg, respectively.

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