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WESTLAKE, Ohio – Whenever a pet lover walks into any type of facility with animals in it–the veterinarian’s office, pet shelters, pet boarding facilities–the first impression is often some odors that no one enjoys.

But that is not the case at the Pet Suites that recently opened in Westlake. There isn’t the smallest bit of odor, not only in the reception area but through the entire facility—even in the kennel area–quite amazing and very smart on the part of the owners.

Dog Suites as a company opened 20 years ago and the Westlake location seems to be the only one in the Cleveland area but there are five others around Kansas. The inside is bright and colorful and loaded with supplies and toys for your pets.

As General Manager Katherine Schneider gave the tour on Sept. 22, it was clear the store is doing well as you will find about 20 pets being cared for and/or boarded already. The size of the facility is just under 11, 000 square feet.

It was also nice to know Schneider worked for the Animal Protective League for eight years. She has a calm presence and an encyclopedic knowledge about taking care of animals at Family pet Suites.

There are five “cat-condos” as well as cages for dogs—some with actual beds–not on the floor. And you can find TVs for both cats and dogs in their accommodations—TV that will capture their attention.

Pet Suites can hold up to 90 dogs and 90 cats according to Schneider.

When asked what the usual length of stay is, Schneider said there is a lot of “Day-Play” and also 2-3 night stays but some definitely longer.

They even have pool parties for your animals as well as grooming services plus training.

If you have ever even considered boarding your dog or cat even for just a couple of days, take a tour of Pet Suites. It is a fun experience and someplace your pet may even love.

Visit the Pet Suites web site at to book a pet-stay or to check out the rates. Pet Suites associated with Westlake is located at 901 Sharon Drive at the corner of Sharon and Detroit Road.

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