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Adopting a pet comes with great responsibility. While you think tasty treats and alluring toys could keep your pet happy and healthy, there are way more important things to consider before and after owning a pet

Adopting a pet could be one of the most rewarding decisions in a person’s life. Being a pet owner can be an extremely wholesome plus enriching experience, but it also comes with significant responsibilities. Owning a dog implies a number of inherent duties and moral obligations in order to care for them properly and safeguard their health and welfare. At Royal Canin, we’re passionate about cats and dogs, and believe that they make everyone’s lives better. Since 1968, we’ve been working to help improve the lives of pets around the world through our nutritional expertise. Beyond the quality of our products and services, we have always considered that responsible pet ownership plays a key role in the overall health plus wellbeing of cats and dogs. This is why we are committed to championing accountable (pet) adoption. Too many cats and dogs are abandoned each year and to face this situation, we need to take action at the source and help future pet owners to consider just what it takes to welcome a cat or dog into their lives from a shelter, a breeder a friend or even family. With the right level of dedication, future pet owners can make sure that they gain a fulfilled, healthy, well behaved and affectionate family member who will be a pleasure to spend time with.

Here are a few things one must remember before adopting a pet:

Family’s consent

Never gift a pet unless the receiver really wants it. The consent of the family is essential prior to getting a pet home. Owning a pet involves some regular spending. You’ll need to budget for feeding your pet, visiting the vet, vaccinating, deworming and more. Also, your family’s financial condition is a significant consideration while planning to adopt a pet. The pet comes in with many expenses, just like a new born baby. Right from periodic medical check-ups to training, food, vaccination, grooming and more, there is a large hole that these costs could dig in your wallet. So , you must consider all these expenses and be ready to bear them when the time comes.

Long term commitment

Welcoming a new pet to your home is an exciting moment in any household. It’s a moment of change that can considerably impact the lives of each member of your family. It is also a long-term commitment that entails a number of responsibilities. So , before you make your decision, it’s important to ask yourself some fundamental questions like time as pet requires normal grooming, visits to veterinarians as well as some affection and stimulation.

Breeds of cats

The breed of an animal contributes significantly to their personality. Some breeds are more active or more independent, while others require more attention. Cats make no exception and they also differ greatly by breed. Bengals, for example , are energetic and always on the go, while ragdolls tend to be more relaxed and easy-going. It’s worth noting that some breeds may have genetic defects and hereditary diseases. You can ask your veterinarian for more information on this. You can also choose to acquire a non-pure breed cat from the shelter or a neighbour/friend/ veterinary adoption clinic, etc .

Where to get your pet

Responsible pet ownership begins with responsible acquisition. Make sure you know where the pet has come from and the environment, which he/she has been raised in. Reputable breeders sometimes advertise in newspapers or on the internet, but you should be cautious as these are also common outlets for illegal animal trafficking. Make sure the ad offers precise details about the breeder and the cat and ask plenty of questions when you make contact. You’ll benefit from professional advice in a pet store, but always find out where they source their kittens/puppies. A reputable establishment selling kittens will be able to provide full details of the conditions in which they were bred and information about their parents. Responsible breeders are particularly attentive to disease prevention, genetic testing and socialisation, ensuring your pet is wellbalanced and healthy

Home environment

Meeting the environmental needs of pets helps to ensure their optimal wellbeing and behaviour, good health plus overall quality of life. These needs encompass not only their physical surroundings, but also their social interactions with people and other animals in the home. A familiar and predictable home in which the pet can exercise some control over his physical environment plus social interactions, helps to reduce his stress levels and enables him to cope with any challenges. Never ever keep cats in a crowded state more than the capacity of the household. It can lead to disease conditions, stressful situations and fights.

Health and care of a cat

Preventive healthcare for pets is an essential part of pet health and can help to decrease a cat’s risk associated with developing a wide range of problems. A comprehensive approach focusing on nutrition counselling, vaccinations, parasite control, dental care and behaviour counselling can help to mitigate issues such as periodontal disease, fleas and ticks, heartworm disease, obesity or diabetes mellitus. Never give pain killers mend for humans to cats. One crocin tablet can kill a cat. Sterilisation surgeries are essential for house cats as they prevent several unexpected complications.

Dedicate time

If you decide to become a dog owner, you should be comfortable spending some of your time with your cat and your dog. Not only will this help you to forge a bond with them, but they will also benefit in terms of development and wellness. Active dog breeds will require exercise and play sessions a few times a day, but all pets will be most content on the receiving end of your attention. Cats are considered more independent than their canine counterparts, but they still prefer having their humans around as much as possible for cuddles, as well as stimulation with interactive toys plus play sessions when they feel like it. No cat or dog will appreciate being left to their own devices without human company for long stretches of time.

Dr Vinay Gorhe, BVSc & AH, Pet Cover Clinic, Pune

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