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There are a lot of dogs in Gillespie County. But there are not many places available to keep those dogs clean and trimmed.

Bryana Stewart was aware of this when she launched her new pet grooming salon, Breeze Grooming, at 503 N. Llano St .

Stewart is originally from Odessa but began working with animals as a veterinary technician in Houston. She loved the Fredericksburg area and had an opportunity to work with a local groomer here.

“I was blessed to get a position with Kellie (Kellie’s Doggie Country Resort), so I want to pay it forward to others, ” Stewart said.

Paying it forward means something to Stewart, who experienced some hard times when she was young.

“I grew up at age 14 alone and on my own after a nasty divorce between my parents, ” said Steward. “I went down a dark road and made so many bad choices, I lost everyone plus everything I loved. ”

Now, Stewart feels a deep gratitude for the opportunity she has as a business owner and for the people who helped her along the way.

Roger Winter, her landlord, played a big part in helping Stewart to get her business off the ground.

“He helped install my tubs and fenced in my yard and other major things, ” said Stewart.

Stewart got into the dog-grooming business following the emotional difficulty of being a veterinary technician.

“After 10 years, I started getting depressed when I would have to euthanize my dogs I knew from birth, ” stated Stewart.

Grooming gave Stewart a chance to work with the dogs that she loved and see her clients’ joy when their pets looked happy plus healthy after an appointment.

According to Stewart, the best dog groomers are people who have an artistic nature.

“You want someone who is creative, who likes to draw or decorate, ” said Stewart. “We have dogs come in for colors or for mohawks. We have toenails painted, all kinds of crazy stuff. ”

There was plenty of business for Stewart immediately upon opening her business. She had already established relationships with clients from her previous employer.

But it is important for her to keep her services open to new clients, as well, so Stewart blocks out times in the week for new clients only.  

Stewart takes the appreciation that she has for her opportunity and extends that kindness to both her pets, her customers and the girl staff.

“I don’t like to use muzzles, Stewart said. “It sends them into a fight or flight response. I am not a forceful groomer. ”

Stewart explained that she will not be heavy handed with a dog that is scared or aggressive during a session. Instead, she will work with the animal to begin building trust to slowly work toward the needed goal.

The work she puts into her relationship with the animals is evident in the peaceful environment of the salon.

“We have a very tranquil setting, ” said Stewart. “Most places get loud, noisy and crazy. All the dogs that come in here are so much calmer. They’re not stressed out. ”

With her staff, she hopes to provide them an opportunity to learn and maximize their own financial growth in the same way that the girl did.

“I can train somebody, teach people and pass that on where they can actually make a living and keep their own money, ” said Stewart, who hopes to allow her groomers to keep the income from their jobs rather than split the earnings with the business.

Joy and gratitude keep Stewart passionate and energetic about her function even among the trials of being a single mom and growing through the difficult times of her life.  

“It’s not work to me, ” said Stewart. “I’m tired at the end of the day but I’m happy.

“I owe all this in order to God and my kids that pushed me to be better, and all my clients in the community telling me to go for it. ”

Appointments can be made in Breeze Grooming by calling 830-992-3952.

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