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IONIA — Each December, Linda McPherson donates funds from her business’ pet nail-clipping service to an Ionia organization that supports cancer patients.  

As the years pass, the generosity only increases.

McPherson donated $3, 100 from her business, Particular Pets, to Ionia Community Consciousness in 2022. The organization supports cancer patients in the region. Specific Pets, 2389 N. State Road, provides grooming, daycare and training for pets.  

Customers donated $3, 000 in 2021. This marks the seventh year McPherson has given money from her service to ICA.  

“The customers have been very generous again this year, ” McPherson said. “That’s a great thing. We’re more than willing to have more customers to come in and get pets’ pedicures. ” 

ICA helps malignancy patients with bills, transportation to appointments, gas, food and  insurance.   ICA President Diane Grummet continues to be amazed year-after-year by the generosity from Particular Pets customers.    

“It’s huge because cancer just doesn’t stop, ” Grummet said. “More and more people are getting diagnosed and much more and more people need help. ” 

The cost is $15 for the nail-clipping service. McPherson said some customers give more.

“Once they find out what the cause is and that it’s staying local, they really feel like they want to help, ” she said.  

ICA raised more than $40, 000 from its annual Purple Week in September, which Grummet called “jaw-dropping. ”

“People still give, and give generously, ” Grummet stated. “It’s very much appreciated. ” 

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The ICA’s Crimson Fund helps cancer patients and their families with much-needed expenses. It also provides gas cards to patients who have to travel to appointments in Lansing and Grand Rapids — sometimes multiple times per week.  

McPherson mentioned cancer touches everyone plus she’s happy to help a local organization.  

“This organization really touches my heart, ” the girl said. “I just feel they’re doing such a wonderful thing that I wanted to be part of it. ”

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