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Published on Dec 27, 2022 09: 11 PM IST

New Year is one of those times, where we all feel positive, rejuvenated and thrilled to take up new challenges and fix habit. Here are some New Year resolutions that every pet parent should make.

New year 2023 resolutions for every pet parent(Pixabay)

Brand new year 2023 resolutions for each pet parent(Pixabay)

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While many people are bad at keeping them, New Year resolutions can help you set goals and make positive changes in your life. Losing weight, saving more money, spending more time with family, learning something new are some of the common New Year resolutions that people usually set. Just like parents make resolutions for the well-being of their child, it is natural for pet parents to set New Year resolutions keeping their feline or canine friends in mind. Spending quality time with your pet is the best thing you can do for them. Caring about their health and mental peace too can go a long way for them. It is also important to plan a right diet for your pets if you want to keep them away from chronic illnesses. Taking them for regular check-ups is another New Year resolution that will be in favour for your pet’s overall health. (Also read: Can a cat bite be deadly? Here’s what to do after a cat attack)

“New Year is one of those times, where we all feel positive, rejuvenated and thrilled to take up new challenges and fix habit. For the love and joy that our furry friends bring in, it’s only natural for pet mother and father to have them among the top priorities for next year, ” says Gaurav Ajmera, Founder, Vetic.

Here are some New Year resolutions every pet parent should set:

1 . Love and play with your pet daily

Show pets love and care every day and spend time with them. This works like a charm and brings a marked change in the activeness and health of the pet. Pet parents can spend time playing, walking, grooming, combing the pets, plus showing that you enjoy their own companionship.

2 . Measure your pet’s food every time

Like for humans, food is the easiest to overlook for our pets. This leads to issues of obesity, stunted growth, weak bones, etc . Pet’s diet volume and frequency varies and evolves depending upon the life stage of the pet. A growing puppy will need smaller and more frequent portions vs a senior pet needs different composition. This changes if pet is ill or undergoing a treatment. Similarly, nutrition structure required for pets varies across their life stage. Right nutrition can be provided both by well-mixed home meals or a mixture of home food and pet food.

3. Consult a vet and follow regular health guidelines

Healthcare needs for our furry friends are variable based on their age plus breed. Annual vaccination boosters for pets are must to keep them and everyone around safe. Your vet can recommend the right booster vaccination depending upon the age and breed. This should be combined with quarterly deworming. Consult a veterinarian for annual health check-up to identify and diagnose potential health issues varying from skin diseases to, diabetes, ortho, dental, kidney and others. It is very important to consult a vet when in doubt instead of experimenting, as the nature of treatment for simple issues like diarrhoea varies for every pet. Preventive care, is always beneficial, for things like flea/parasite infections; or cancerous infections. Consult your vet for right course for your pet

4. Regular grooming

It is the key to a healthy lifestyle and happy pets. Like humans our pets also like to get pampered and be taken care of. Daily brushing and combing pet’s coat with a good brush keeps it healthy and makes the pet feel loved. Regular bathing, nail trimming for pets depending upon hair and skin profile of pets must be done. Professional combing services can be opted in case pets are anxious or if there is an ongoing skin issue. Dental health is important and often neglected. Try brushing and cleaning teeth regularly. Parents can use dental care treats as well.

Let the coming year be the best and happiest in your pet’s life.

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