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Jun 10, 2022

PetSmart has launched PetSmart Veterinary Services (PVS) to help veterinarians open their own practices within the walls of the chain’s stores.

The pet products retailer paints a picture of difficult times for individually owned veterinary medical practices that have been declining in numbers as a result of industry consolidation that has made it difficult to compete against larger concerns.

The PVS model, according to PetSmart, provides vets with the means to open their open practices with access to customers built in. The chain operates more than 1,600 stores. The cost of opening and operating a practice is said to be at a fraction of what it would be in a standalone location.

“PetSmart already has one of the largest veterinary offerings with more than 700 partnering veterinary hospitals inside our stores providing convenient access to quality pet care,” J.K. Symancyk, president and CEO of PetSmart, said in a statement. “With the PVS independent ownership model, we can bring our size, capabilities and expertise as the leading pet retailer to support veterinarians seeking the independence and rewards of owning a practice.”

The demand for pet care services has increased in recent years as Americans adopted furry family members in record numbers. PetSmart says that the PVS model means that vets have access to modern equipment and a variety of resources, including construction, information technology, marketing, training and ongoing consultation to help them operate their businesses successfully.

“We’re on a mission to empower veterinarians and ensure greater access to care for pets,” said John Bork, senior vice president of vet health services at PetSmart. “We know these doctors will do anything for pets — they are the ones engaging with pet parents and providing expertise and care to pets of all kinds. With PetSmart Veterinary Services, we are able to support them in achieving their dreams and help them thrive as practice owners.”

The PVS program provides PetSmart with an answer to rival Petco’s rollout of veterinary services in a growing number of its stores. The two retailers have joined other brick and mortar and pure play e-tail operators in the category to expand beyond food and supplies to services such as grooming, insurance, pharmacy, training and more.

PetSmart said that every PVS practice will be required to maintain American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Will the franchise model help PetSmart scale its veterinary services more quickly than if it did it when done completely in-house? What do you see as the pros and cons of this approach versus building the program run entirely in-house?


“The PVS is a triple win for PetSmart, the franchisee and the customer. “


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