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Pawsh Mountain Pet Spa will aim to give owners a chance to pamper their pets, with options varying from basic grooming to luxurious treatments.

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Services will include options such as, bubble baths, tranquil tidy-up, and the complete body-sculpting package.

Brittany Ouellette, owner of the Pawsh Mountain Pet Spa, is a certified groomer that has been grooming since 2006.

“I’m really trying to encourage pet parents in the area to pamper their pet, because there’s a lot of us that pamper ourselves, but I find a lot of the farm dogs and just larger breeds, especially in the area, get kind of pushed to the back burner, and they deserve it too, ” Ouellette said.

Ouellette has received calls from local residents who are embarrassed about their dog’s condition.

“That’s why I’m here now, is to get these dogs in better shape and hopefully get them on a regular grooming schedule to keep them in at least manageable condition when they’re not comfortable, and they’re not shedding all over their homes, ” she said.

“I really encourage the people that are scared or embarrassed about their pet’s condition to give me a call or an email, because I am right here to help. ”

Majority of the spa’s shampoos and conditioners will include pet-friendly essential oils, Ouellette said.

“I don’t think there’s any salon that I have found, personally, in Alberta that even offers like Dead Sea Mud Baths to pets. There’s places that are advertising as dog spas, but they don’t do anything above and beyond an average tidying salon, ” she stated.

“People think dogs have tougher skin, but they really don’t, they actually have a lot more sensitive pores and skin. ”

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The spa operates out of Ouellette’s home in Cowley, located at 210 2A Ave, just 15-kilometres west of Pincher Creek.

While it is a home-based salon, Ouellette has created a spa-like atmosphere for the pets, including pet-friendly wax-melt aromatherapy created specially for the Pawsh Mountain Pet Spa.

“What’s most important is that these dogs are maintained and groomed on a regular basis. But if we can throw in the little extra, like lavender shampoo or the cream conditioner, those are things that just make the experience a little bit more fun for them, ” Ouellette said.

The spa is able to cater to all sizes and conditions of pets, with a hydraulic bathtub and lowering hydraulic grooming table.

For pets who are nervous or even scared, Ouellette will be using a happy hoodie, a wrap that goes around the dog’s head and helps them to stay calm around loud noises like the blow dryer.

“We’re really focusing on making it a calming and relaxing environment for our pets, ” Ouellette said.

The spa was already taking bookings, prior to the official opening on May 16.

Pets require proof of up-to-date vaccinations prior to being groomed, this is to ensure safety of all clients.

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