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What started as a grooming, boarding, and breeding facility for decades has evolved into a full-service pet facility that also specializes in relocation services. It is situated right on the grounds of Montréal-Trudeau International Airport and, for the first time, Air Canada presented Manoir Kanisha with an award for completing 1, 000 successful pet relocations with Air Canada Cargo.

“Shipping animals is very emotional and intimidating for their owners, ” said Manoir Kanisha President Nicole MacDuff. “At the beginning of the pandemic, the airlines decided that they didn’t want to deal with the public anymore when it came to shipping animals, and airlines like Air Canada said that they would only deal with official IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) members. Only IPATA members can ship animals internationally. When delivery an animal, there are certain medical tests as well as travel and animal restrictions, and it’s all very complex. ”

Manoir Kanisha started shipping animals in the 1970s while breeding German Shepherd show dogs, and since then have helped relocate all different species of animals, including dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and reptiles. They have dealt with over 100 countries and many IPATA members.

“We plan out everything about the animal’s journey. We build the cage and train them to get used to it because they will be traveling a lot. We give them a big bowl of frozen water that thaws gradually, and they get plenty of food, ’’ said MacDuff. ‘’The animals are never upset or stressed. Every types of animal has a different type of environment when it travels, and every animal is shipped in a different way. We have the experience to know all this. And because we are familiar with what’s happening with the animals, we can explain it properly to the client to put them at ease. ”

The key component to the recognition by Air Canada is that not only have they done 1, 000 documented shipments of animals, but that these relocations were also done well. “We never take chances or any risks, and we take all of the necessary precautions with our animals, ” MacDuff said. “People are shipping a pet and those animals are a member of the family. So , part of our job is to help manage people’s emotions, which I do every day.

Manoir Kanisha earns first-ever Air Canada award

Manoir Kanisha, which boards, grooms, and provides pet relocation services, is located on the grounds of Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

“Also, being on the airport grounds is a gift, ” she added. “They never had the capacity to build a kennel on airport land, we lease it every month from the airport plus it’s not easy. But that way, we can successfully serve everyone: the airport, the airline, the passenger, and the pets. And Air Canada is the first airline to recognize that and to recognize an IPATA member. ”

Animals that Manoir Kanisha are usually relocating have never arrived at their destination hurt or sick, and MacDuff attributes that success to her experienced team. Tim Harris, manager of their Pet Relocation Division, had a major hand in computerizing their solutions, and knows all the ins and outs of pet relocation. Other members of her staff take care of the animals throughout their journeys to ensure their own wellbeing is always a top priority.

“It’s not only putting the dog in a crate, ” MacDuff said. “It’s exercising them and feeding them, staying late at night and getting up early in the morning to make a 4 a. m. flight. My team is the key to doing what we do. And without them, I just couldn’t do it. ”

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