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Credit: Zac Gagnon

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – Zac Gagnon, a Southern Maryland native, has a love for animals like no other. Now the 36-year-old is the owner of a mobile pet spa serving the wonderful pups of southern Maryland.

Zac had always wanted to do something with animals since his youth. He started his journey working in an animal rescue before transitioning to a vet tech at an animal hospital.

Wanting more hours, Zac was introduced to the grooming department and instantly fell in love. After working for the grooming salon for some time, Zac and his wife would finally decide to start their mobile pet spa, All 4 Pawz.

Zac explained that he didn’t feel as fulfilled while working at the salons.

“I’ve always wanted to be my own boss even before I realized I wanted to be a groomer, ” Zac told TheBayNet. com.  

“But working at a salon where it was go, working on multiple dogs at once, answering phones at the same time, servicing walk-in clients I just found it hard to talk to my clients as much as I’d like, take the time I wanted with each pup, give undivided attention to the pup and not have them there as long made it that much easier. I want to have a more personalized experience, connect with clients and give the best possible experience for both client and pup possible without the worry of distractions. ”

Credit: Zac Gagnon

Right after COVID-19 restrictions were eased, All 4 Pawz’s client list started growing. Along with a long list of existing clients, many people now look to All 4 Pawz as their first choice for dog grooming. Even with the long list, Zac still has plenty of openings for new clients.

For new clients, Zac will usually send out a questionnaire to get to know the pet better. From there, he will give a price estimate until he can see the pet in person.

All 4 Pawz offers a bath package and a full groom haircut. The bath can last about an hour, while the full groom can last between one and a half to two hours.

Depending on the service and size of the pets that Zac is working with, he can usually get through three to seven pups a day.

“I’ve always wanted to stand out, so this is no different, ” Zac said.

“I see what others do and think about how I could do it bigger and better. I include things that others charge extra for, my grooming style, and of course the way the pups get spoiled with holiday goodies… People should pay for my services because I’m here to provide a relaxing and fun experience for their pups. I spend extra time making each dog feel loved. I provide convenience for the client, no more making two trips to the grooming salon. ”

Credit: Zac Gagnon

Right now, Zac is the only groomer for All 4 Pawz but is looking to expand in the future.

“This is only the beginning. We have talked about expansion with the possibility of more groomers, different solutions areas, boarding, partnerships, and other pet-related ventures, ” Zac explained.  

“I am an animal lover if you have ever met one. This is my dream and I’m determined to use my platform to give back also. Donating to local shelters and rescues, providing grooming to pets within need in order to get adopted, plus posting adoptable pets on my page are the extra things I like to do to help when I’m not on the road. ”

Credit: Zac Gagnon

If you would like to book an appointment with All 4 Pawz, you can call or text 301-848-7672.

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