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Las Vegas rescue Homeward Bound is teaming up with Best Friends Animal Society to offer free cat adoptions this weekend. In honor of Best Friends National Adoption Weekend , Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions released a statement about collaborating with other organizations to find more homes for pets. In the statement, Homeward Bound Executive Director, Christi Dineff, commented on her excitement about the event.   “We’re proud to be a Best Friends Network Partner and collaborate with so many wonderful groups. Together, our impact is greater, and we gain the ability to share what we do with even more people, ” Dineff said. “Waiving fees for this national event will help cats who need that extra promotion find the homes they deserve—and make space for us to keep helping cats and their families. ”

The event will be held from Friday, July 22 through Sunday, This summer 24. Adoptions will be from noon until 6pm each day at fees will be waived during this time for all cats over the age of 12 months. Kittens will also be available for the standard adoption rate, which starts at $150. Adoptions will be held in person at Homeward Bound Adoption Center at 2675 East Flamingo Road in Las Vegas.   Though Homeward Bound is the Las Vegas rescue holding the event, Best Friends Animal Society is giving the local organization and its event national recognition. Best Friends is also providing a grant to allow the local rescue to waive these adoption fees. All cats up for adoption are up-to-date on their vaccinations and are microchipped.

Homeward Bound provides these medical services and in additional treatments these animals might need, and they do it on the donations from the community. If you would like to help but aren’t interested in adopting a cat, monetary donations are needed. They can be made on the Homeward Bound website, at the adoption center, or by calling 702-463-9996.

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How Expensive Is Owning A Cat?

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Albert Schweitzer once said, “There are two means of refuge from the misery of life—music and cats. ” With 42. 7 million American households owning a cat , there is truth to Schweitzer’s words. Cats are popular pets known for their independence and intelligence. Owning one is not only a commitment requiring time, but money as well. Cat expenses can quickly add up.

To understand how expensive owning a cat is, ManyPets analyzed data from a 2020 survey conducted by TD Ameritrade/Harris Poll among 320 cat owners with at least $10, 000 in investable assets. The survey provided a breakdown in cat ownership costs by category as well as the owner’s generation, and ManyPets ranked these categories by the average spend across all three generations.

Expenses include necessities that help keep cats healthy and happy. These include regular check-ups and high-quality food, along with things that are more fun than necessary, like Halloween costumes and over-the-top toys plus treats. Some expenses such as pet insurance can mitigate other costs, like unforeseen emergencies or health treatment plans. Keep reading to discover more about the various expenses you can expect to run into when you own a furry feline.

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