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A video of a dog’s adverse reaction towards bath time has gone viral on TikTok, where it has received 3. 7 million views .

In the clip shared from the TikTok account @haventhelabrador , a Labrador was seen looking calm, with its head resting on its paws . As a message overlaid on it read “let’s go get a bath, ” the dog showed its teeth, seemingly attempting to bite the human hand reaching towards it.

Labrador being given bath.
A stock image of a Labrador being given a bath using a shower head. Footage of such a dog having a funny reaction to being washed has delighted TikTokers.
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According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, in 2020, at-home grooming was reported to be the most prevalent form (41 percent), while 30 percent reported taking dogs to a full-service salon, as cited in a February 2022 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Veterinary Medicine .

The report found that, on average, dogs were groomed professionally about four times in a year.

Bathing is essential for your pup to maintain good skin and fur health, as well as to keep dog odors at bay, says The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at The Washington State University College of Vet Medicine .

The hospital says: “How often you bathe your dog depends on many factors, including your dog’s breed, the length of its fur, its activities, and if it has any health conditions. ”

However , in general, “it is safe to bathe your dog with veterinary shampoo once a week, but bathing your dog too frequently can strip its coat of protective oils, inch the hospital added.

For most dogs, taking a bath is not their favorite activity , and it can be a stressful experience for some, explains the Pets Playground, a pet-grooming school based in Florida.

However , there are ways to make bathing a more enjoyable experience for your dog and help the pet see it as a time of bonding.

Pets Playground advises against chasing your dog before its bath , suggesting the owner should sit down and have their animal come to them.

“Use a soft tone in your voice. Say the word ‘bath’ calmly prior to putting your pet in the bathtub. Praise your pet, and pet them, this should be a bonding time for both you and your pet, also using a treat is a good way to show your pet that bath time is fun time, ” the grooming school said.

The school also advises using warm water for the bath, and to use a washcloth to clean the dog’s face, instead of spraying water in the face, as “your pet will not like it, and the next time they will be apprehensive to get into the bath. inches

The latest viral video has left users upon TikTok in stitches.

TikToker dolinka_1602 wrote that the dog may have been thinking, “Maybe if I act scary I won’t have to, ” in a comment that received 4, 791 likes.

Pacman Jonzey posted that the dog must have thought “‘you try to make me take a bath well I’ll act mean and scary maybe I won’t have to’ this is cute. ”

TikToker thatonekid3726 commented: “bro went from wholesome to demon in half a second, ” while @yari_ctz wrote: “he said ‘don’t touch don’t touch’, ” in a comment that will received 5, 183 likes.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment. This video has not been independently verified.

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