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It doesn’t have to be challenging to carry out your last-minute holiday shopping if you plan ahead! You can easily find the ideal presents for family, friends, and even pets this close to Christmas.   It’s crucial to confirm the hours of operation before  leaving your home, however ,   because some retailers have reduced hours or completely close their doors on Dec. 25.   You may locate the ideal presents for everyone on your list while shopping online, but will they arrive in time?

If you’ve waited too long to pick up some of the items needed for Christmas Day, we aren’t judging! But you’ll need to know if the store you want to go to will even be open on the big holiday. When it comes to Petsmart, you might be out of luck. Here’s what we know!

Is Petsmart closed on Christmas, December 25?

According to multiple sites , unfortunately, Petsmart is expected to close its doors upon Christmas Day. That means any of your pet needs, including toys for your dog or treats for your cat, will have to wait. But if you have time to go out shopping today on Xmas Eve, we have good news. Petsmart should be operating at its normal hours on Dec. 24!

And if you can’t make it to Petsmart today, have no fear because the chain will be open again the day after Christmas on December. 26. So if you were hoping to scoop up a few provides for your furry friend, they might just have to wait an extra day. Yet we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait for your beloved pets!

In 1986, Petsmart, a retailer of pet supplies, was established. They provide a huge selection of pet food, supplies, grooming, and adoption services. They allow customers to shop in-person plus online. Additionally , they offer a wide range of services for animals, such as training, grooming, boarding, pet sitting, and even pet insurance. They have a huge selection of pet goods, including food, toys, and treats. The chain also provides a wide range of pet furniture, beds, and other accessories.

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