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We are proud to announce our inaugural Champions of Charity winners. This program was derived from years of observations of charitable deeds on all sides of the automotive industry. The Professional Carwashing & Detailing (PC& D) team has wanted to showcase the amazing companies that do good in their communities and throughout the U. S., and now we are able to do just that with this special section.

During the nomination period, we received many great submissions. We would like to thank all of the nominators who took the time to share their company’s or another company’s acts of kindness and examples of compassion.

Our team carefully considered all submissions, and narrowing down the list to highlight for this year’s class was challenging in many ways. In the end, we chose 10 companies in the industry to highlight this year.

The 2023 PC& D Champions of Charity class includes:

In the above links, you will see the difference these companies are making in lives throughout the year, especially in the communities they serve. Inspiring employee and customer involvement, these companies are giving back to those who need it most.  

Congratulations to these 10 amazing companies — it is our honor to highlight all that you do to make our world a better place.

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