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In November 2019, Shana Noblin opened Gypsy Pet Spa on South Green Street to offer affordable pet grooming services in Marianna.

At that time, one of Shana’s future goals and dreams was to expand to daycare services and create a pet resort in town. Shortly after opening, the pandemic caught everyone by surprise, including businesses. However , Gypsy Pet Spa grew.

Less than three years later, Shana sees her dreams come true as she prepares to open Gypsy Pet Resort on Clinton Street in the second week of August.

A native of Grand Ridge, Shana served as an army nurse for six years. When she returned home to work at the federal prison in Marianna, she went back to school in order to earn an Associate of Science in Business from Chipola College.

Later, Shana relocated to West Virginia, where her love for pets led to her working at PetSmart. She was so successful with dogs that Shana was sent to a grooming academy by her employer. It was not long before the girl found herself employed at a private salon and several other pet grooming businesses before returning to Grand Ridge. Her love for pets and desire to own her own business led Shana to open Gypsy Pet Spa. As the company grew by leaps plus bounds, Shana began hiring employees and reinvesting profits into educating her staff.

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While Shana still sees all kinds of animals for grooming, her services are expanding at her new location. Shana still delivers the haircut of choice. She explained that cats usually do not need haircuts unless they have mattes. Shana elaborated, “Cats are just not as adaptable in order to grooming as dogs are usually. They are usually self-maintained. ” However , the team at Gypsy Pet Resort will bathe, blow dry, clean ears, trim nails and provide caps for your beloved feline family members. If needed, Gypsy Pet Resort also has different types of medicated shampoos.

Shana explained that cat nail trimming is a preference. Some people prefer feline nail capping, much like a human manicure. The technique involves slipping a pain-free artificial nail over the cat’s existing nails. Not only does your cherished cat receive a beautiful manicure, but your home furnishings are protected. “Cat capping is a good substitute for declawing; that can cause arthritis and all kinds of other health issues, ” the lady continued.

According to Shana, the caps do not bother the cats but must be replaced every two- to-three weeks. “We usually just do the front nails for the instinctual sharpening, ” she added.

Similar to cats, when it comes to dogs, Gypsy Pet Resort sees all sizes, breeds, and ages over eight weeks old. To minimize cage time, Shana clarified, “We have holistic appointments for grooming during an appointment time. ” She also wants potential pet parents to understand that the popular Doodle breeds are high maintenance. Most require daily brushing and monthly grooming. “It’s hard to find the groomer that you and your dog like, ” she continued.

Indeed, the groomer becomes like a part of your family. Shana and the girl team strive for an enjoyable grooming experience, so the adored pet will be excited to return, and the pet parent will not worry about their happiness and safety.

The new facility is 2, 400 square feet in size. Gypsy Dog Resort provides inside play areas for days of inclement weather and to prevent the pooches from becoming dirty. There are also outdoor areas for pleasant days. Group dog play is categorized by size, with large and small canines. “Under no circumstances do they mix, ” Shana added, “and there is an employee with them at all times. ”

Gypsy Pet Vacation resort has amenities found in the top spas and resorts. Shana’s pampered pets will enjoy watching plasma televisions, playing in an outdoor pool, and enjoying the atmosphere calmed along with aroma therapy.

Dogs boarded at Gypsy Pet Resort will sleep in cozy condos at night and explore daycare activities during the day. Cats will enjoy their own individual condos with tranquil open area time to relax by themselves. However , when dog parents prefer their cats to be boarded together, Shana is happy to accommodate. There is human interaction and care twenty-four hours a day with regard to pets at Gypsy Pet Resort. Partial or full-time daycare is available, and the team tries to send the pets home clean. “I’ve seen people leave the country for a month or more. So , we’ll see them for as long as they need a place to stay, ” she carried on.

“The State of Florida does not need anything for grooming or boarding, ” Shana described. “But we go over plus beyond and are certified within boarding, daycare, and combing. ” The team’s brushing certification is with The National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), while their boarding and daycare certification is through IAP University. Shana and her staff are also daycare and boarding certified through Professional Family pet Boarding Certification (PPBC). IAP College and PPBC include extensive training in CPR, security, sanitation, and much more to ensure providers have the best tools available for pets. As if that was not enough, Shana wants her clients to know that “the majority of our staff have medical backgrounds for humans. So , we’ve already got much base knowledge there. ” In addition , she clarified, “my staff is professionally trained with a college education, and I pay for quarterly classes. ”

With no requirements regarding animal care provider training, Shana explains that “it’s very dangerous for animals when people are not trained properly. But , there’s a lot to know. ” Some training topics include safety and behavior, medication administration, introduction associated with dogs, recognition of signs of tension or aggression between animals, conflict reduction, conflict resolution should it arise, and disease prevention.

“Safety is definitely our own number one priority. Second, we want them to come back whether it is for grooming, daycare or boarding, ” she continued. Shana and her staff have studied and understand pet body language. They also know that each family pet has a different personality, and what works for one does not work for all.

The group at Gypsy Pet Holiday resort accepts most household animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, and rodents. She furthermore takes reptiles and birds if the pet parent brings the setup and all required supplies. Although not necessary, Shana understands when the pet parent wants to bring favorite or even preferred foods, bowls, blankets, bedding, litter, treats, or other items to help their own pet baby feel safe and comfortable. Pet parents must provide a fully updated copy of all routine vaccines. Only rabies vaccines are required for grooming.

“I think what people don’t realize about grooming is that we end up falling in love with your dog, just like you do, ” Shana explained. “When we get that phone call to let us know that a dog has passed, it is tough on us in this line of work because we love creatures. ” In fact , Shana elaborated about how she and the some other groomers recognize the domestic pets in public before the owner. “Most people think of their household pets as children. We think of them the same way. ”

When it comes to summer pet care tips, Shana made clear that hydration is essential. Additionally , she wants pet parents to remember flea, tick, plus worm prevention. “We do not realize that they can not only get things from mosquitoes but also just walking around they can absorb things through their paw pads. ” She also reminds pet parents not to shave down double-coated dogs. Since dogs do not sweat, their coat regulates the particular temperature of their body, which is opposite of what one might think. Future plans include partnering with a local veterinarian and providing obedience training. Not surprisingly, Shana is also an advocate for dog parks.

Shana lives with her family and pets in Grand Ridge. What a great business to have in Marianna! Visit Shana at Gypsy Pet Resort located in 4469 Clinton Street, Suite C and D. The particular lobby hours are Monday through Friday between 7 a. m. and 6 p. m. to accommodate early drop-off and late pickup for daycare. The resort is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can also call Gypsy Pet Resort at 850-693-0568. Shop locally and support Marianna’s companies.

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