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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — As Storm Ian approaches the Jacksonville area, the City of The city of jacksonville has provided residents with the following information as the city works with the Emergency Operations Center to prepare for the storm:


  • Mayor Curry declared a State of Emergency for Duval County and activated the EOC effective, Wednesday, September 28 at 12 p. m. City Council will convene tonight to discuss the emergency declaration.
  • All City offices (except Senior Centers) will close to the public and non-essential personnel at noon, Wednesday, September twenty-eight. Senior Centers will remain open until 5 p. m. on Wednesday.
  • All DCPS Schools and offices will be closed Wednesday, September 28, Thursday, September 29, and Friday, Sept 30. All after-school activities will be canceled through Monday, October 3.
  • Garbage and Recycling will operate on a normal schedule Wed, September 28. Garbage plus recycling collections will be suspended Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30. We will announce makeup days as the situation develops.
  • Jacksonville Beach declared a State of Emergency effective Mon night. Atlantic Beach declared a State of Emergency in noon Tuesday. Neptune Beach declared a State of Emergency at 3: 30 p. m. Tuesday.
  • Hurricane Ian is anticipated to be a heavy flooding event . If your property flooded during Hurricane Irma, you have the potential to flood again. This applies to all of Duval County but specifically those in Downtown Jacksonville, the beaches, San Marco, Riverside, Southampton, Pirate’s Cove, Ortega Area, Venetia, and the area around the Stadium. Citizens should take the time today to get prepared.
  • Citizens should plan now by ensuring they have emergency supply kits, reviewing emergency plans, plus removing loose items, litter or debris from around their homes. To prepare and plan, citizens should stay informed and updated on storm progress through radio, television, and the City’s website ( ).
  • There are currently no evacuation orders for Duval County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated September 28, 2022 from 11 AM.

Have evacuations been ordered?

Currently there are no mandatory evacuations for Duval Region. It is recommended that those who live in Zones A or B and experienced flooding during previous storms consider evacuating. View evacuation zones here or on the JaxReady mobile app .

Is the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activated?

The EOC will become activated starting Thursday, September 28 at 12 PM to support damage assessments and the stand down associated with shelter operations.

What does a State of Emergency mean?

A State of Crisis Declaration allows the City to more easily allocate dollars plus resources to best protect lives and property. City Council approved the crisis declaration Tuesday, September 27.

What should citizens do to prepare for the storm?

Stay informed and updated on storm progress via JaxReady. com , the JaxReady mobile app and local media channels. Take steps to prepare yourself and your property.

  • Find your evacuation zone and your flood zone (which are NOT the same) online at maps. coj. net
  • Secure anything outside that could blow into a building, window or storm system, including signs, garbage cans/lids, toys, etc .
  • Pick up any litter box or loose yard debris around your home and secure it in a garbage bag or container.
  • Low-lying and tidally-influenced areas should expect and prepare for flood conditions.
  • Gas and service your vehicles.
  • Charge your cell phones and mobile devices.
  • Fill jugs and lidded containers with clean Jacksonville tap water.
  • Inspect and safe mobile home tie-downs.
  • Listen frequently in order to radio, TV, or NOAA Weather Radio for status and forecasts of the storm’s progress.
  • Double check your emergency supply kit.
  • Review your emergency plan.

Does the City provide sandbags to prevent flooding?

Sandbags are not provided by the City. Jacksonville is a geographically diverse city, covering 840 square miles. The City’s stormwater needs plus population size are different from neighboring counties. Residents who believe sandbags are a necessity should consult with their local hardware store. In addition to sandbags, the City does not provide batteries, flashlights, radios, ice, first aid kits or canned goods. These are personal preparedness items that citizens are encouraged to acquire based on their anticipated needs.

Are schools closed?

All DCPS Schools, offices, and afterschool activities will be closed Wednesday, September 28 through Sunday, October 2 . Jacksonville University and Florida State College of The city of jacksonville (FSCJ) will be closed Wednesday, September 28 through Friday, September 30. University associated with North Florida (UNF) is going to be closed Wednesday, September twenty-eight through Saturday, October 1 .

Will government offices close?

City of Jacksonville government offices and facilities will close starting Wed, September 28 at twelve PM. All Jacksonville Public Library branches will be closed starting Wednesday, September 28. Library patrons are asked to refrain from returning items to book drops for now. Overdue fines will be waived with regard to items due when the library is closed. Starting Thursday, September 28, the 630-CITY (2489) information line will be open to the public 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the storm. Senior Centers will remain open until 5 PM, Wednesday September 28.

Will public transit be running?

The St . Johns River Ferry will be suspended through Wednesday, September 28 through Friday, September 30. All other Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) routes will close Wednesday, September 28 at 8 PM. All transportation services will be closed through Thursday, September 29.

Will bridges close?

Almost all bridges are open. The particular Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) works closely with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as well as the Florida Highway Patrol to monitor wind conditions at area bridges. If winds exceed specified levels, FDOT will work with law enforcement to close affected bridges. Any bridge closures will be communicated via local media channels, social media, the City website ( ) and the JaxReady mobile app.

Will garbage and recycling collection remain on schedule?

Garbage, Recycling, Yard and Household Bulk Collection will operate on a normal schedule Wednesday, September twenty-eight. All collections will be hanging Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30. We are going to announce makeup days since the situation develops. The City’s Trail Ridge Landfill is going to be closed Thursday, September 29 through Saturday, October one

What types of debris will be picked up by Solid Waste?

All standard solid waste collection rules apply with a 5 cubic yard waste limit. Any changes or exceptions to these rules as result of the storm will be communicated via nearby media channels, social media, the City website ( ) and the JaxReady mobile app .

Will emergency shelters be open?

Starting Wed, September 28 at 5PM, the following shelters will be open up for anyone who needs shelter:

  • Legends Center (5130 Soutel Dr . ) – open for general population and special needs
  • Landmark Middle School (101 Kernan Blvd. ) – open for general populace and pet-friendly
  • Atlantic Coast High School (8735 R. G. Skinner Parkway) – open for general human population, special needs and pet friendly
  • LaVilla Middle School (501 N. Davis St . ) – open specifically for homeless individuals

This information will also be communicated via local media channels, social media, the town website ( ) and the JaxReady mobile app . For more information, call 630-CITY (2489). Persons along with special needs should contact 630-City for more information. Please note, a caregiver should accompany special needs citizens.

Exactly what should I bring to an emergency protection?

The needs of individuals and families seeking shelter support will vary. BRING YOUR OWN snacks, water and bedding. Additional suggested items include the following:

  • Photo Identification and important papers
  • Prescription medication
  • Special dietary and baby food
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Folding chair
  • Personal care items such as toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Change of clothing
  • Cash (safely secured)
  • Quiet games or reading material

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal drugs
  • Reptiles and exotic animals

Special Needs Residents These citizens are encouraged to bring the using items:

  • A caregiver should accompany special needs citizens
  • Photo identification with current address
  • Important papers
  • All medications in original bottles
  • Any required medical support equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen, dressing, feeding equipment
  • Name and phone number of the physician, home health agency or hospital where you receive care
  • Special dietary needs
  • Water AND Snacks
  • Blanket(s) plus pillow(s)
  • Cash – safely secured
  • Personal care items such as toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Change of clothing

Permitted Pets Below is the list of animals permitted at designated pet-friendly shelters. Each family is authorized to bring up to three pets which include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Pocket pets (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs)
  • Rabbits
  • Birds

NO REPTILES OR OTHER EXOTIC ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED IN SHELTERS . All pets must have proof of vaccination and registration, be properly crated or caged and maintained by the owner. NO PETS MAY BE DROPPED OFF . Although animals are kept separate from people, families must provide for their pets while at the particular shelter. The following supplies should be brought for each animal: Pet Needs

  • Medications
  • Food and water
  • Food and water dishes
  • Plastic bags to dispose of waste
  • Kitty Litter and pan for cats
  • Current photo and id tags
  • Vaccination records
  • Pet beds, toys and grooming supplies
  • Sturdy leashes, harnesses, muzzle(s) and pet carrier(s)
  • Name and number of the animals’ veterinarian

What steps can citizens take to safeguard pets?

  • Bring your own pets inside. They may be outside dogs/cats, but the conditions they may see during a strong storm are beyond their normal experience. They will be frightened as exposed to extreme weather and possible flying debris. Bring them in. If they cannot be allowed loose, use a crate. Crates give them their own secure space and keep them safe. Additionally , if in some unforeseen emergency you and they need rescuing, Emergency Personnel can more easily help you with contained, safe animals.
  • Do NOT set animals loose. They will not “be OK”.
  • Gather information for expulsion, even if you don’t think you will have to evacuate. The easy way to do this is place copies of Vet records, shot records, ownership papers, any medication your pet needs, an extra collar and an extra leash in a gallon freezer bag. Use a permanent marker to place your name and the pet’s name on the handbag. Then keep the bag near the pet so you can grab both and go if needed.
  • Have three to four days of pet food on hand. We do not expect a major problem, but better you buy pet meals now than have to wait in line later.
  • Have a gallon of bottled water per day on hand for your pets, especially if evacuating. Sudden changes in water supply coupled with stress can upset their digestive systems. Enough said.
  • Understand that with pet friendly shelters, you will be responsible for the care of your dog. Please be prepared to do so if you utilize a shelter for you and your pets.

Who do I call if my lights are out?

Power outages are likely with this storm. JEA will work to restore power when it is safe to do so. Electrical outages and service issues can be reported to JEA on (904) 665-6000 or on the internet at JEA. com .

What ought to citizens do if they approach a malfunctioning or out-of-service traffic light?

Drivers should treat malfunctioning or out-of-service traffic lights as 4-way stops.


  • City of Jacksonville — 904-630-CITY (2489)
  • Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office : 904-630-0500
  • Fl Department of Transportation – 904-360-5457
  • JEA – 904-665-6000
  • Northeast Florida Red Cross – 904-358-8091
  • Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) – 904-630-3100
  • Traffic Information – 511
  • United Way of Northeast Florida – 211
  • Florida Emergency Information Hotline – 1-800-342-3557
  • Salvation Army – 904-356-8641
  • National Weather Service The city of jacksonville – 904-741-4311
  • Duval County Public Schools – 904-390-2000
  • Jacksonville Public Library — 904- 630-1994

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