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Have you always wanted a pet turtle? Here’s a short guide on what you need to know before adopting your new friend.

Terrestrial or aquatic
Aquatic turtles are more popular than terrestrial ones because they’re significantly cheaper. However , they require a much more controlled habitat compared to terrestrial turtles. The type of turtle you choose will depend on how much time you have to care for it and your long-term budget. This is because most turtles live between 30 and 50 years.

When selecting the sex of your new pet, remember that male terrestrial turtles have a more concave dip on their underside than females. Moreover, male aquatic turtles have longer claws and wider tails than women.

Terrestrial turtles are solitary creatures that enjoy being alone. The same is true for their aquatic counterparts, as adult males frequently fight when together.

Mature size
Before adopting a turtle, you must choose a terrarium or aquarium to accommodate its mature size. Adult turtles generally grow to a length of about six and 20 inches.

Health and behavior
When choosing a turtle, take the time to scrutinize its shell plus skin condition. Healthy turtles have smooth, unblemished bodies. You can also test a turtle’s strength by gently tugging the limbs while they’re tucked under its shell. The turtle should offer some resistance. Moreover, observe how the particular turtle swims and ensure it moves in a straight line. Finally, choose a turtle that’s approachable and easy to handle.

Visit your local dog store to get everything you need to create an environment your pet turtle will love.

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