How Much Money Do Dog Groomers Make? – The List


According to The Balance Careers , the median yearly salary for a dog groomer is about $23, 760, with the top 10% in the field making about $37, 250. While this may seem low to some, that number is just an estimate and does not account for tips and other forms of income groomers often receive. According to The Academy of Pet Careers , your pay as a dog groomer is determined by where you work, how your work chooses to pay you (hourly vs . salary, etc), your level of experience, and where you live. It will also depend on whether you work for a company or for yourself.

If you do work for a company, you can expect to work on commission, meaning the amount of money you make depends on how many dogs you service in a given day. An average dog groomer can expect to receive 50% of the cost of each grooming service. If you have your own business, that number will double as you will receive 100% of the service. But you’ll need to factor in buying supplies and maintaining your grooming location.

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