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Several pet insurance providers reimburse the cost of microchipping. Here are our top picks.  

Lemonade Microchipping Coverage

Lemonade is a popular pet insurance provider known for its affordable plans. Though Lemonade doesn’t offer microchipping in its standard accident-and-illness plan, it has two add-on preventive care options that cover the procedure. The Puppy/Kitten Preventative package covers the chip and implantation. This package also covers spaying, neutering and vaccines.  

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Spot Microchipping Coverage

Known for its many customization options, Spot includes microchipping in its standard plan. According to Spot, your policy will cover microchip implantation by a licensed veterinarian, though fees associated with registration, monitoring and renewal aren’t covered. Spot also offers QuickPay, which allows you to get reimbursed in a matter of days.  

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Figo Microchipping Protection

Figo offers microchipping under its wellness add-on for an additional monthly price. Its site refers to chips as personalized dog tags, and it stores the microchip information on its Pet Cloud. The cloud also allows you to manage your pet’s other digital information, such as your insurance policy, vet records, milestones, reminders and even opportunities to arrange pet play dates and find dog walking and grooming services.

A big benefit to Figo is its flexible reimbursement rates. The company reimburses 100% of covered vet bills while most providers only reimburse up to 90%, so the full cost of getting your dog microchipped should be returned.  

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Embrace Microchipping Coverage

Though Take hold of ’s standard plan doesn’t cover microchipping, its Wellness Rewards program does. The program isn’t an insurance policy but rather a preventive care budgeting tool that pairs with your plan to help you cover costs not related to accidents and illnesses. Microchipping is listed as a reimbursable procedure under the Wellbeing Rewards program, as are other helpful treatments such as spaying and neutering, vaccinations, grooming, dental cleaning and wellbeing exams.  

Embrace stands out for its many discounts, including a 10% discount for each additional pet policy you purchase, a 5% military discount and a 10% employee discount if your employer offers Embrace. Your deductible will go down $50 each year you don’t file a claim.

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