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Colorado is  considered to be one of the  most dog-friendly  states in the country. Whether we’re bringing them along with us to breweries or on outdoor adventures,   canine companions truly are a part of our families.

But as far as dogs go, is there a limit regarding how many a  person or household can legally own in the Centennial State?

Paws -itive news for dog lovers In Colorado – there aren’t any statewide dog ownership laws in place.

Rather, the limits are dictated by local zoning laws depending on the city or county.   According to the insurance company, Jerry,   most Co cities and counties limit each household to  four dogs over the age of four months old. However ,   some counties, such as Arapahoe County, limit most of their residential areas to a maximum of three pooches per person. On the flip side, other communities,   like the small town of Monument, allow up to six dogs per household.

Fort Collins laws state   that there is no legal limit on the number of domestic  animals a person can own,   so long as they are properly cared for. City law also notes that dogs must be licensed and vaccinated if they are not confined to a yard. The same code  concerning domestic pet ownership is in place for the city of Loveland.

The rules regarding dog ownership are a bit different within Weld County. According to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office , there are  zoning ordinances that reflect the number of animal units allowed in a particular zoned area of the county. Those living in Zone A (agriculture) may have up to four dogs on a property between 1 and 10 acres in size, and no more than eight dogs on a house of 10 acres or more. Having more  canines  than that requires a special use permit for kenneling practices.

Although there are no official statutes in Colorado,   a maximum  amount  of dogs allowed in a  residence  could be put in place  by a neighborhood’s specific homeowners’ association regulations or could also  be set by a landlord who is renting a property out to others.

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