High-end groomers Grooming.dog bound for Florida – The Times


A high-end dog grooming business in Dublin 4 that charges €150 per appointment is planning to expand to Florida this summer, with services including chauffeuring and live-streamed “doggy daycare”.

Grooming.dog, owned and operated by Paul and Laura Abbott in Ballsbridge since October, offers spa services for dogs including grooming, bubble baths and nail trimming. The prices depend on the “breed, size and condition” of the dog as well as the desired style, and can cost in excess of €150.

The couple previously lived in Maryland and operated two pet hotels offering daycare, grooming and chauffeuring services, but they sold up before the pandemic and returned to Dublin.

The Abbotts, who have two children, as well as three dogs and a tortoise, have now decided to

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