Groomer Transforms Puppy Into A Pokémon And People Have Gone Wild – LADbible


A pet owner has transformed their dog into a real-life Pokémon , and the internet is losing it.

A TikToker by the name of Gabriel Feitosa , a renowned dog groomer , recently shared a video turning his eight-month old pup into the popular Pokémon creature Arcanine .

Upon finding a ‘fire stone’, the San Diego-based groomer shows their fluffy white poodle transforming into the animated character, fashioning a bright orange coat and black stripes.

Users were left stunned by Feitosa ‘s impressive skills, as one user wrote: “ Omg I’m literally going to do this as soon as I learn to. ” 

Another said: “Bro I feel like you’re making dreams come true giving the world real life Pokémon got to catch them all. ”

A third person said: “Do you do other peoples dogs?? ”

While another person wrote: “ HAHAHAA YES FIRESTONE. but also incredible. ”

So turning his pooch into a fire-type Pokémon is just a regular Tuesday for the artist, who’s often referred to as the ‘world’s best dog groomer’.

Feitosa also recently posted another video to his 1 . 2 million followers on TikTok painting leopard spots onto a pinscher .

Customers were amazed by the transformation, as one person wrote: “Your work is flawless! Every dog a masterpiece! ”

Another said: “Cute as hell! ”

While another wrote: “Now THERES a designer breed! ”

Honestly, she’s runaway ready.

Last month, Feitosa told the Mirror said his canine grooming was pushing boundaries typically seen in the fashion industry.

He typically charges between £400 to £800 per dog, depending on what the owner wants.

The dye job can last up to six weeks, so it could be money well spent if you like taking this up a notch.

He said he found his niche talent at the young age of 12 when he began working at a local Brazilian store and realised he had the knack for bringing imaginative designs to life.

The groomer maintained that ‘everything I use is developed for canines and completely safe’.

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