Graphic Video: South Florida Groomer accused of abusing dogs – CBS News


Warning: Graphic depictions of animal abuse.

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Boca Raton dog groomer was arrested after he was reportedly caught on cellphone video abusing two dogs.

Plinio Roberto De Camargo Jr., the co-owner of American Dog Pet Grooming, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

According to investigators, an employee at the grooming service shot several videos which purportedly show Camargo abusing two canines.

In one he is shown punching a small dog, in another, he is “forcefully manhandling” a dog as it yelps in a tub, according to investigators.

Arrest reports show this was not the first time Camargo has received complaints. However , it was the first time investigators had proof.

Camargo is out on bond.

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