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Members in our Gilroy FFA Chapter have been challenged to develop critical thinking skills and effective decision-making skills, foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition plus individual achievement through Career Development Events (CDEs). Since the middle of September our Best Informed Greenhand (BIG) team, Cooperative Marketing Team and Veterinary Science CDE teams have been practicing tirelessly in preparation to compete against other teams around the state of California.

The objective of the Best Informed Greenhand contest is to understand the aims, purposes, history, and structure of the Local, State plus National FFA student organizations and know the opportunities it makes available as referenced in the current National FFA Manual and State Constitution. This contest is for freshmen members only. Members of our fall group include: Isabella Alvarez-Rubio, McKenna Cooper, Tiago Sousa, Wyatt Van Laar, Mylie Foster, Kylie Jimenez, Kallista Rutman, Nicholas Hendrickson and Elizabeth Rios.  

The BIG team has competed in four competitions through the Colusa Redhawk Classic and have found much success. For the first competition the BIG team placed 2nd High Team with McKenna Cooper being named 4th High Individual. The second competition the group placed first with McKenna Cooper being named 3rd High Individual and Isabella Alvarez-Rubio being named 5th High Individual. For the third competition the team placed first once again and Kylie Jimenez was named 2nd High Individual and McKenna Cooper was named third High Individual. For the final competition in the series the team placed first plus McKenna Cooper was named 1st High Individual, Mylie Foster 2nd High Person, Kylie Jimenez 4th High Individual, and Tiago Sousa 5th High Individual.  

Overall the particular team placed first in the entire contest series, McKenna Cooper was named 1st High Individual Overall, Isabella Alvarez-Rubio was named second High Individual Overall, Tiago Sousa was named 3rd High Individual Overall, and Mylie Foster was called 5th Individual Overall.  

The team competed against 23 other schools and 60 some other students.  

The Veterinary Science CDE event seeks to effectively prepare the students for the expectations of the animal health care and services (Veterinary Hospitals/Clinics, Grooming Facilities, Pet Stores, Kennels/Boarding Facilities and Feed Stores) workplace. Workers seeking careers in the animal healthcare field must develop a high degree of knowledge, skill plus ability to solve difficult problems. This event blends the testing of skills and knowledge required for careers in the animal science career pathway. Members of the team include: Ari Rutman, Ryan Young, Taylor Yonkers, Catarina Correia and Aleeya Jones.  

The Vet Science group has competed in four separate competitions through the Colusa Redhawk Classic that had 12 teams competing with over 93 students. The results are as follows:

• First Competition: 8th High Team

• Second Competition: 7th High Team

• Third Competition: 6th High Team

• Fourth Competition: 4th High Team

• Overall: 4th Higher Team

The Cooperative Marketing event seeks to effectively prepare the students with the practices and operations of Agricultural Cooperatives. Workers seeking careers within cooperative marketing must not just develop a high degree of knowledge and skill, they must also develop the ability to solve difficult problems. This event blends the testing of manipulative skills plus knowledge required for careers in operations and marketing. Members of the team include: Caitlyn Correia, Sawyer Tankersley, Santiago Trujillo, Olivia Epps and Daniel Garamendi.  

The Cooperative Marketing team has competed within four separate competitions with the Colusa Redhawk Classic that had more than 61 students who competed. The first competition the team placed third High Team, and Sawyer Tankersley was named sixth High Individual. The second competitors the team placed fifth Overall. The third competition they placed 3rd Overall. For that fourth and final competition the team placed 5th High Team. For the overall contest series the team placed 4th Overall plus Sawyer Tankersley was named 4th High Individual general.  

Our teams exceeded our expectations this fall and we are excited for them to compete at the following competitions this spring: Chico State Field Day (Feb. 11), UC Davis Field Day (March 4), Merced (March 11), Modesto Field Day (March 25), Reedley Field Day (April 1), Fresno Field Day time (April 22) and the State FFA Finals at Cal Poly (May 6).

Ximena Trujillo is the 2022-2023 Gilroy FFA Chapter Reporter.

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