German football legend Matthaus pleases driver left dissatisfied by Neuer’s reward – Arab News


DUBAI: German football legend Lothar Matthaus stepped in on Saturday to please a disgruntled driver who was dissatisfied simply by Manuel Neuer’s reward for returning his wallet.
After learning about the displeasure of Albanian taxi driver Hazir S. after the run-in with Neuer, former midfielder Matthaus bought the reward, a signed Bayern Munich jersey, for €1, 000 ($977) and decided to put it up for sale at a charity auction, German media reported.
Arab News previously reported that the driver was unsatisfied by Bayern goalkeeper Neuer, who gave him the signed jersey after being reunited with his forgotten wallet containing €800 and two credit cards.
Neuer had left his wallet in the taxi after he and a friend were picked up from Munich’s Odeonsplatz area.
The driver had found the particular wallet in the backseat when he parked to have it cleaned.
He made a 120 km ride back to Munich that cost him €400, according to media reports, with Neuer giving the driver the signed jersey in a box.
The driver told Sky Germany: “This finder’s fee is a mockery. I have four children. I can’t do anything with the jersey. ”
Bild newspaper reported on Sunday that Matthaus had decided to buy the jersey and have this auctioned for charity.
“Lothar is the best! I’ve always liked him as a player. But now he’s my hero, ” the driver was documented as saying.
Germany and Bayern fan Abed Majed described Neuer’s attitude as shameful.
“It is a shame what Manu did, unlike what Matthaus did. He showed the true gentleman he is. Manu should make a public statement and compensate the driver, ” Majed told Arab News.
Athlete Wasim Nsoule, also a Bayern and Germany fan, said: “A happy ending for a taxi driver by legend Matthaus, West Germany’s captain and Ballon D’or winner in 1990, played the role of the savior and the driver will smile soon. ”
Former Munich resident and Bayern fan Marie M. told Arab News that Neuer could have avoided that “shameful prize” and provided a valuable reward, like a jersey plus two match tickets at the side’s home ground Allianz Arena.
“I’m positive that would have pleased the driver. It would please me considering the ticket prices I used to pay to watch Bayern, ” she said.
Soon after his shift was over, the driving force failed to reach the 2014 World Cup winner at his residence and the drop-off point before he finally got hold of Neuer’s manager and handed him the budget.
Bild reported that the driver’s dissatisfaction was reasonable as German laws said he deserved 5 percent of the retrieved property and an additional 3 percent if it was worth over €500.

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