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Here’s an idea for a furry fundraiser: Host a ‘pawdicure’ like Glow Day Spa in Ontario .

The spa hosted this one-day event to raise funds and awareness for  COPE Service Dogs   while celebrating everyone’s furry friends.   The organization works to raise and train service dogs for those in need.   COPE Service Dogs’ main office is based in Barrie, the same town as Glow Day Spa.


“One of the love services that we do and one of the services that the clients love are pedicures, ”  Brianne Flaherty, the event coordinator, told CTV News . “We spread that love to our canine friends and provide a ‘pawdicure’ for them as well. ”

Who can resist a mani-pedi?

Pawdicure Benefits

Giving your dog a pedicure should be a regular grooming habit. Pooch pedicures are done so that the nail doesn’t grow too long. An overgrown nail can trigger many health issues, and long nails can cause excessive stress and strain on their joints, which can lead to injury. If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor as they walk, it’s time for a trim. Trimmed nails make it easier for your dog to walk and help balance and gait.

Not only is a “Pawdicure” event beneficial for the health of the dogs involved, but it also can bring attention to pups who need to be adopted.

How To Give Your Pooch a Pawdicure

Some dogs don’t like having their feet touched and, worse, having their nails trimmed. But they can learn to enjoy it. Start with the four-foot massage; make it playful and at the same time check their own paws and pads for any sores or cracked fingernails. Gently wash paws in warm soapy water plus moisturize pads using a small amount of olive oil or a lotion specifically for pets. Next up is clipping: take your time to trim nails and cut hair. Lastly, an electric nail grinder like “ Pedi-Paws ” is a good investment. You can safely and fearlessly grind your dog’s nails without getting too close.   Check out our top five doggy nail grinders here . However , if your dog  is not okay with the noise and vibration, a regular nail file also works — it just takes longer.

Flaherty says  their canine clients will have their toes painted, along with “a little love and relaxation. ” However , use pet-safe nail polish. Human nail polish contains chemicals that could be potentially dangerous for your pet, as some dogs chew their nails.

If you’re looking to host your own “pawdicure” event, following these tips ensures a safe plus fun time for everyone!

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