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Peak shedding season is upon us, and that means endless amounts of hair weighing down your dog and dirtying your home. It might seem impossible to manage, but Furminator deshedding brushes can make a huge difference — and they’re up to 41 percent off at Chewy and Amazon right now. 

There is a Furminator brush for every type of dog, including ones with long, short, or thick hair. The brushes use small metal bristles to reach deep into the undercoat and clean out any loose hair that’s trapped underneath. Don’t worry, though, each is designed to be sturdy, but gentle enough that it won’t damage their hair or cut their skin. Below, we’ve curated a list of the five best models that are on sale. 

The long and short hair deshedding tools are probably the most popular models with more than 26,000 five-star ratings on Amazon combined. They’re available in small, medium, and large sizes, and have different bristle lengths for long and short hair. This makes them great for a variety of breeds and anyone with multiple pets at home. 

Buy It! Furminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool, $32–$35.35 (orig. $33.95–$41.49); chewy.com and amazon.com

Buy It! Furminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool, $34.90–$35.35 (orig. $41.49); chewy.com and amazon.com

The other types of brushes are used after regular brushing to remove matts and large tangles without causing pain. The Furminator Grooming Rake is a must-have tool for dogs with dense fur that are susceptible to matting since the rake prevents large tufts from forming. For dogs that already have moderate matting, the adjustable dematter is your go-to for a safe and effective grooming experience. Plus, it’s a notable 41 percent off making it just $12. 

Lastly, the finishing comb takes care of any remaining knots that might have been missed and gives the fur a shiny, smooth look. The now-$8 tool is ideal for all fur types and has rotating stainless steel teeth that allow you to work out tangles without pulling. 

If you’ve been thinking about grooming your dog at home, now is the time to invest in a few brushes that actually work and are backed by professionals without having to spend a ton of money. 

Buy It! Furminator Adjustable deMatter Dog & Cat Tool, $12.04 (orig. $20.39); chewy.com and amazon.com

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