Fur Pet’s Sake Pet Center prepares for phased opening in October – Wyoming News Now


CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – In Casper, a new shelter has already started taking in dogs before it opened for adoption.

Fur Pet’s Sake Pet Center was created after an ex-animal control officer saw the need for more help from the two shelters in Casper.

Lindsey Royce wants to educate the community while giving animals a chance at a new life with a new no-kill shelter. With big aspirations for the center’s features, a phased opening is set to begin in mid-October.

“I want people to feel included and welcome here so they can come in anytime and see what’s going on and as soon as I have everything ready we’ll be doing tours so people can check it all out, ” said Royce.

The rescue will also feature Happy Paws Grooming, which has already moved into the facility but is not yet taking new clients. Royce aims to provide pet education and training classes, a self-pet wash, and pet boarding options at the center.

Along with the pet-centered features, there will be a coffee shop to create a comfortable hang-out space and encourage individuals to spend more time with the rescue animals.

“I just wanted it to be a full-service center, and the nice thing is everything kind of feeds into each other. So doing the other services will help to fund the rescue for the dogs to get spayed and neutered and things like that, ” said Royce.

Before opening adoptions, Royce wants to spay or neuter and fully vaccinate the 11 dogs already in the rescue’s care.

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