Fancy Felines Is Sarasota’s First Cats-Only Grooming Salon – Sarasota


Aubrey Bird, owner of Fancy Felines, grooming a white cat

If a cat has claimed you, moved into your home and allows you to feed them, then you know that these ancient descendants of Bastet—the ancient Egyptian feline-headed goddess—deserve to be pampered like one. Fancy Cats , Sarasota’s first cats-only grooming salon, takes  this seriously.  

The salon  provides grooming services while being gentle and patient  with sharp-clawed, furry divas.  

“Cats can be crazy and unpredictable, but so am I, ” says Fancy Felines owner Aubrey Bird, who opened the salon in late July.

After working as a professional pet groomer for over 12 years with both dogs and cats, she wanted to direct her skills to a kitty clientele. “I had cats growing up my whole life, ” Bird says. “I have always been more comfortable with cats. ”

Bird’s  salon is designed with  feline-sensitivities in mind. Unlike typical pet-grooming bathtubs, which make a loud noise when water hits the metal—potentially making cats nervous—Fancy Felines has a specially designed plastic bathtub which makes it quieter and more calming for the cats to be bathed. Every feline has two people attending to their grooming needs, and Bird works with clients by appointment to accommodate the schedules of those who may need weekend grooming.  

“It’s super beneficial to have another person when grooming so that they can hold the cat if they are being grumpy, or who can give them little chin scratches, ” says Parrot. “Plus, there is no dog smell. We have feline pheromone diffusers and it instantly makes it a more calming space for them. ”

Fancy Felines is located on 7620 Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota. To schedule an appointment call (941) 279-5902 or visit its website.

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