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Monsoons are the best time to have a lot of fun with your dog. However, pet parents need to be extra careful about their furry kids catching infections and diseases while playing in the rain. Monsoons invite a lot of water-borne diseases. Pets need to be washed properly and dry with a clean towel after every outing to prevent them from skin infections, ticks and fleas.

Fibre-rich diet and filtered drinking water are two essential things for your pet. Along with these, you also need to maintain hygiene, especially during the tricky rainy season. Clean their ears and fur regularly and check for any change in behaviour, if they have been lazy lately, there can be a reason behind it. Here’s a list of things you can do:

Pamper the paws
Pet paws come directly in contact with bacteria and viruses on the ground. Just because it is monsoon, we cannot make them sit at home all the time. If they urge you to go out for a walk in rain, get the right dog shoes. Clean their paws with warm water and soft dry towels. Dogs love walking on grass and it entertains them but this attracts dermatitis. To maintain hygiene, they lick their paws, causing harm to the digestive system.

A similar routine has to be followed with their fur. Regular drying and cleaning of the fur eradicate any changes of skin infections. An excessive amount of moisture in the air during monsoon creates a much-needed environment for bacterial and fungal growth on your pet’s skin. Get anti-fungal powder in case they have already caught the devil. Switch to a waterless shampoo for a while and get a raincoat for them to enjoy the lovely season without falling sick.

A fibre-rich nutritious diet
If your furry baby is acting lazy lately, the food they eat can be a reason behind it. Fibre-rich fruits and vegetables can ease up the digestive system and help in bowel movements. Foods rich in fibre will aid in proper digestion. In order to avoid issues like obesity and laziness, you can indulge them in many indoor games and make them take the steps inside the building or play fetch the ball game. End of the day, they’ll be tired and have a good sleep without having much urge to go out and play.

To cure any stomach problems, make sure you always give them boiled water. In case of an upset stomach, increase your pet’s gut flora by including providing probiotic-infused drinks, curd and juices.

Take precautions for tick and flea attacks. Follow the right grooming
Keep your pet’s resting area clean, or the spot they spend most of their time in. Ticks and fleas are active in humid environments and these parasites can give your pet a lot of diseases. In case they have already come in contact with these, you can start using anti-tick shampoos and collars on pets. Also, there are a lot of tick powders and sprays available in the market these days. Paws would need more attention with antifungal powder to be free from bacteria. Tick fever and other skin issues like itching, redness, and pimples can be bothersome in the long run. Clean their coats with vet-approved shampoo and tick powder. If it gets worse, please see a vet as soon as possible.

Grooming plays a huge role in maintaining hygiene in pets. If done right, it can prevent a lot of skin diseases. To keep their furs dry, arrange good grooming sessions and try to get them a pedicure as paws are prone to catch infections in monsoon. At the same time it is important to follow the right steps when it comes to grooming. Consult an expert or get in touch with grooming services and book an appointment. You can also go for a regular option wherein after every few days the expert visits to groom your furry baby.



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