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Most pet owners don’t look up twice about selecting a  Dog Grooming  centre. What is included in this service? From your pet’s point of view, it is essential to remain up-to-date with the hygiene lifestyle. Following this protocol may be more challenging for some owners on their regular days.  

That’s where Premium Pet House Comes in. As the best Dog Breeders in india , we deliver the good stuff that your pet needs the most. Yes, some grooming methods are still available that require professionals and elegance of their skills. What should you do in this term?

Appointing us can solve all your pet grooming worries. We deliver you the most affordable, hygienic, and premium  Home Pet Grooming Services.  

This time you won’t need an appointment to visit a veterinarian at their pet clinic. You are just one call away from booking us for home care for your pet.

Within our protocols of pet tidying, we deliver all essential services. They are as follows:

1 . Bath (using anti-flea and anti-tick shampoo)

This is the primary and essential task to conduct at first. It may take some time, but the experience of our professionals can do the job for you. We use top-quality shampoo and soap (including anti-flea stuff) in the cleansing procedure of your pet.

2 . Brushing

After the hygiene bath, it is essential to provide a gentle brushing to your pet’s fur. It gives them an experience of relaxation and joy. Also, it elaborates the beauty of fur with precision.  

3. Eye plus ear cleaning

There will be no more stuff entangled inside the ear or eye. Whatever it may be, we pluck it out. To give a clean experience, we take care of all things, including cleansing the ears and eyes of your pets.  

4. Nail trimming

Some pet owners don’t find this task to do on their own. Apart from that, proper skills and professionalism are required to proceed with this task. We send the best to your home to give a perfect grooming session. It also includes nail trimming.  

Inside our expertise, we conduct this part with precision. Enlargement of nails may damage your pet’s skin, eyes, fur, or other parts. So , keeping it long is not the good news. Therefore , we take care of that stuff in our  Home Pet Grooming Services.

5. Teeth brushing

Unlike humans, pets are also sensitive with their teeth. So , we provide hygiene tooth brushing procedures for cleansing each unnecessary stuff out of their mouth immediately.  

6. Haircut (if needed)

Whenever we feel that it is the time to give a proper shape to the hair, we do it. Of course , we are concerned and talk about this particular with the pet owners.  

7. Anal gland expression

The procedure involves the insertion of a gloved finger into the anal region of your pet. This is important to locate the gland and squeeze it gently. This procedure helps to empty the contents inside the rectum.  

About Premiumpethouse!

Premium Pet House home care for your pets is a much more affordable option. So , please make no mistake in appointing us for an excellent domestic pet grooming service.  

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