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Just as wellness care is important to human health, it’s important to a dog’s health as well, according to Bill Gray, who recently opened his third location—the second in DeKalb County—for Scenthound, a wellness-focused dog care franchise. The first of these opened in Dunwoody and later he opened the Chastain Square location.

Gray’s newest location, which opened June 20 on Hugh Howell Road in Tucker, is well situated for pet parents not only in Tucker but also in nearby Decatur and Stone Mountain, according to Gray. “Tucker is a great area for this business not only because there are lots of families with dogs, but because the local government and business community actively seek to support a diverse mix of businesses needed in the area, ” he said.

Gray explained that Scenthound’s “scenters, ” as the company calls it locations, are neither veterinary clinics nor salons; instead, they provide the “routine care their fur family member needs to stay clean, comfortable, and healthy. ” Describing himself as a lifelong canine lover, Gray said regular grooming and hygiene care is not only important to a dog’s health, but also to its overall quality of life.

“People want to keep their dogs well cared for, but some don’t have the time and others don’t always know how to best care for their dogs. Educating pet parents is one of the things we do. For example , hair can become matted even on a dog that’s brushed regularly—making the dog very uncomfortable and inclining him toward bacterial or fugal infestations. When hair near the skin becomes tangled, the pet parent may be inclined to wash him; that’s the wrong move. If the tangle can’t be combed out, it has to be cut out. Washing will just make it worse, ” according to Grey.

When he decided to leave the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship, Gray began looking for a business concept that would not just be profitable, but fit well with his interests plus lifestyle, he said, noting that he had worked with regard to companies that offered dog food among their products. “I was amazed at people’s love for their dogs. I have always had an affinity for dogs, so I could relate to that, ” he noted.

“When I first discovered Scenthound I thought it sounded like a great concept, ” Gray recalled. “I truly understand the deep really like dog parents share with their pups. I was excited about the idea of providing a simple, proactive way people could keep four-legged family members’ tails wagging. Additionally , this is an opportunity to teach young people just entering the job market skills they can take with them whether it’s dog grooming, management, or customer service. ”

Gray explained that the service he offers is about preventive healthcare, not beauty services. “Dogs do keep clean and smelling nice, but not with a fancy haircut. We offer basic cuts that are suitable for the breed. If you want a fancy poodle cut with pompons and all, that’s not us. ”

He said his experience with the franchise has confirmed that the Scenthound approach not only is one he likes providing, but dog owners find convenient and useful. “I enjoy seeing happy dogs and happy pet parents leaving the scenters. I know how important it is for canine lovers to be able to entrust others who are passionate about dogs to care for their furry family members as they would if their busy schedules allowed. The community’s passionate response to my first center prompted me to open others, ” he said, adding that he plans to have 20 locations in DeKalb and Fulton counties by the end of the decade.

“We’re excited to provide more Atlanta-area dog parents with access to the high-quality basic hygiene and routine care services their own fur family needs to stay clean, comfortable, and healthy, ” Gray said. He added that Scenthound is a membership-based dog grooming business where dog parents can choose the plan that meets the needs of their dog and their particular budget, and opt-in order to additional services on an as-needed basis. He explained that this brand name is based on its unique approach to grooming, focusing on the particular five core areas of maintenance — skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth.

Scenthound was founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife team Tim plus Jessica Vogel, and based on material released by the company, the brand notched an increase in revenue of 196 percent and a 208 percent increase in membership year-over-year since the first quarter of 2021.

Scenthound bills itself as “the nation’s 1st and only wellness-focused dog care franchise concept, and the fastest-growing pet franchise in the nation, ” reporting that it has sold more than 150 franchise locations across 20 states.

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