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Usually, I’m coming to you with a new hair tool, like the upgraded Dyson Airwrap or flat iron. But not today. Dyson’s newest tool is for hair but not yours — your pets. ’ The new Pet grooming kit is the latest innovation that’ll make your life easier, cleaner and maybe even a little more fun. Though, I’m not sure how your pet is going to feel about it.

If you’ve ever groomed a medium or long-haired dog or cat, you know how big of a pain it can be. The hair gets everywhere, you miss areas and your furry friend has a meltdown. (I refuse to say “fur baby. ”) Dyson’s pet grooming kit has all the tools you need to make grooming a less painful chore. The attachment is compatible with cordless Dyson vacuums and includes the brush, quick-release adapter and extension hose that stretches up to three feet. This is important when you’re moving around a squiggly pet.

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If you’re thinking, but my pet is scared of the vacuum! Know that this is not as loud. It’s about the same as the Dyson hairdryer . You can even groom your animal with the vacuum off and turn it back on when you’re ready for the innovative brush to suck the hair right up into the vacuum. With other grooming brushes, you have to clean off the bristles into the garbage. Here, all the tangled mess sucks right in.

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My cat, Buffy Summers, has short tresses so this tool isn’t exactly for her. That’s not going to keep me from using it on her to remove access hair and dander and help the allergies. She’s not afraid of the noise and might even like the gentle brush. But what will really help her (and me) will be Dyson’s Hair screw tool ($49. 99 at Dyson ), a small anti-tangle vacuum head that picks up long curly hair and pet hair without getting wrapped around the bristles. It’s perfect for small spaces that are full of hair, such as your couch, the cat tree or anywhere your baby lays.

If you take your dog or cat to the groomer and drop tons of money, the Pet grooming kit might just be the perfect gift for yourself this season.

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