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The Dog Swim is back with a splash for another year associated with fun for furry friends. This event marks the end of the pool season and is always hosted the last day the Athens City Pool is open, Sept. 10 this year.  

It is sponsored by Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming and the Athens City Pool. The event is from 4 p. m. to 7 g. m. at the Athens City Pool, 601 E. State St . Owners must bring their dogs’ up-to-date paperwork of vaccinations.  

This year the event benefits Integrated Services pet care programs. It is $5 per dog for entrance, but larger donations are always welcome. The foundation provides services such as spaying, neutering and emergency food.

“I am so excited! ” Meghan Honert commented on the Facebook event page. “I planned a vacation so that we wouldn’t miss the dog swim. Can’t wait! ”

Attendees must have their standard vaccinations (Distemper Virus, Parvovirus, parainfluenza and Adenovirus-2 – the five-in-one vaccination) within the last 3 years, puppy boosters must be up to date, rabies must also have been given within the past 3 years with regard to adult dogs and within a year for dogs under 2-years-old and the Bordetella vaccine should have been given within the past year.

Aleeah Cabot, a junior majoring in political science and anthropology, said that she plus her dog Niko are excited to go.

“Yeah [Niko] would love it, ” said Cabot. “It’s exciting. It’s something in Athens that you can go do with your dog. I feel like there’s not too much you can do with your dogs around here. ”

The hosts are also asking that dogs be brushed before the event and rinsed after to remove leftover chlorine. There is a splash pad and a section for smaller dogs for those who may not want to swim with others. There will also be a livestream of the pups to watch during the occasion.  

Rilie Pohl, a senior studying wildlife plus conservation, said she and her dog, Olly, will sadly have to miss the event.

“That actually sounds really cool, but we’re going back home this weekend, ” said Pohl.

Dogs that may not want to swim are still welcome to run around and have fun with other friends. There will also be provided tennis balls regarding entertainment. People are not allowed in the water with the dogs as a safety precaution stemming from concerns from the Department of Health.

Jason Luthman, a visiting dog owner, said even his landlocked pup, Fish, would enjoy it.

“I think it is awesome, ” said Luthman. “[Fish] doesn’t swim. He would love to go if he could – he would sit and look and supervise. I think that’s a great idea just for the record. ”

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